TNF 3 Augustus : Pe un’ moksi kon na wan

TNF 3 Augustus : Pe un’ moksi kon na wan

TNF August 3rd : ‘Pe un’ moksi kon na wan’


The upcoming Thursday-Night-Feature (TNF) at Readytex Art Gallery (RAG) on August 3rd, introduces a surprising new concept; one quite different from the previous TNF’s. This is because the August TNF is the result of an interesting collaboration between RAG and ‘Het Koto Museum’ of Mrs. Christine van Russel-Henar. A valuable collaboration that ultimately also involved other enthusiastic persons and organizations from the cultural sector, and a group of experienced visual artists.

It all started in January this year, when Christine van Russel of ‘Het Koto Museum’, approached Monique NouhChaia of Readytex Art Gallery with the idea of putting together a beautiful exhibition in which the traditional Creole wedding attire would be the central theme.

The idea held great appeal for the RAG team. Both organizations quickly agreed however, that other cultural groups should be included in the project as well. They also agreed that the wedding traditions displayed, should not be those currently seen and lived by, but rather those from our great grandparents or maybe even their parents before them.

And then of course there was another condition that would have to be met if the exhibition was to take place in the gallery. It could not be an exhibition solely about traditional wedding attire or ceremonies, but it would have to become a true fusion between art and culture. Readytex Art Gallery is after all, first and foremost, an organization that promotes and exhibits the work of the artists affiliated with the gallery.

Therefore, there was an extra dimension added to Christine’s idea. An artistic dimension. Seven partner-artists from Readytex Art Gallery were matched with the cultural organizations and/or persons who were capable of providing information about, and materials of, their respective cultural groups. The cultural groups ultimately chosen were the Chinese, the Creoles, the Hindustanis, the Indigenous (Trio), the Javanese and the Maroons (Saramaka). The artists were free to choose whichever specific information and materials they wanted and needed to create their own highly individualized art installations based upon the wedding traditions of the culture they were matched with. They could potentially also add new or existing works of art available at RAG. The artists participating in this fascinating project are: Leonnie van Eert, Kenneth Flijders, Soeki Irodikromo, Sri Irodikromo, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, Roddney Tjon Poen Gie and Steven Towirjo. Different cultures, different customs, different individuals, different art disciplines ….. anything was possible, nothing predictable. An exiting concept indeed! A marriage between art and culture, you could say. Including all the challenges that such a union entails; just like in a real marriage. A work of love, a partnership, a creative endeavor, striving towards that one place where it all comes together: ‘Pe un’ moksi kon na wan’!!! [Where we merge into one]

We kindly invite everybody to join us at the TNF of August 3rd, to enjoy the unique culturally based artists’ creations exhibited on the ground floor of the gallery. As always the doors of Readytex Art Gallery will be open from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm. After the TNF the installations will remain on view at the gallery up until Saturday, August 26th.

Please note: Simultaneously with the exhibition at RAG, there will also be a detailed wedding display installed at ‘Het Koto Museum’, which will showcase all of the elements and objects associated with a real traditional Creole wedding.