A combined exhibition of art by talented Surinamese artists

On the 3rd of July the art exhibition “Synergy”, a combined effort of a group of talented Surinamese artists, will open in the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation (I.V.C.C. – El Instituto Venezolano Para la Cultura y la Cooperación) under the auspices of the Readytex Art Gallery.
The title of the exhibition was very appropriately chosen by the Readytex Art Gallery team because this special exhibition was truly achieved with the concept of synergy (combined action) in mind. The intention of this set up is such that the effect of an exhibition put together by so many dedicated stakeholders, is potentially far greater than the effect of several individual exhibitions taken together.
With the hard work of all the artists involved and the joined effort of the Readytex Art Gallery and the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela together with the I.V.C.C. ( Instituto Venezolano Para la Cultura y la Cooperación), “Synergy” is truly a unique and varied fine art exhibition.

The Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the I.V.C.C. ( Instituto Venezolano Para la Cultura y la Cooperación) proudly host this special exhibition in honor of the 186th anniversary of the independence of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on the 5th of July 2007. Because of this special occasion and their affinity for cultural cooperation, the Embassy and the Institute see this exhibition as a wonderful meeting between the Surinamese Art World and Venezuelan Culture.
This new cooperation provides the Readytex Art Gallery with the unique opportunity to offer her visitors a fantastic exhibition at a location which, in addition to the opening night will be open to the public every night for the duration of the exhibition.

Many art lovers and connoisseurs of Surinamese art will be interested to know that a lot of the exhibiting artists, will be present at the exhibition with new collections. New works of art in diverse forms of Visual Art such as paintings, ceramics, sculptures and printed art will be on display to the public for a period of ten days.
The participating artists are:

Asmoredjo, Reinier
Chang, Paul
Flijders, Kenneth
Flu, Ron
Hartmann, Anita
Irodikromo, Soeki
Irodikromo, Sri
Klas, Rinaldo
Lie A Fo, John
Masé, Armand
Nahar, Kurt
Pinas, Marcel
Ramsamoedj, Dhiradj
Struikelblok, George
Tawjoeram, Humphrey
Themen, Ilene
Tjon Pian Gi, Kitling
Tjon Poen Gie, Roddney
Tosari, René
Udenhout, Jhunry
Vijfhoven, Wilgo
Woltersdorff, Hanka

Altogether the group represents an interesting mix of internationally known and experienced artists together with a group of ambitious young artists, who all have their own unique qualities to add to this presentation.
The result is without a doubt an art collection rich in variety, wonderfully enhanced by the inspiration attained from the colors and culture so characteristic of our mixed Surinamese backgrounds.

The Readytex Art Gallery team would like to encourage each and everyone to visit the exhibition “Synergy” and to personally bear witness to the talent and skill among our Surinamese artists.
The exhibition is open to the public from the 4th of July until the 14th of July 2007, daily from 9:00 – 13:00 hrs and 17:00 – 20:00 hrs.
On the 5th of July the exhibition will be closed in honor of the independence day of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.
The location of the exhibition is the I.V.C.C. (“El Instituto Venezolano Para la Cultura y la Cooperación”) situated on the corner of the Fred Derby – and the Weide straat.

Team Readytex Art Gallery