Sri Irodikromo “Prit Pangi”

Sri Irodikromo “Prit Pangi”

Readytex Art Gallery presents “Prit Pangi” A spectacular solo exhibition from Sri Irodikromo

On June 10th the Readytex art gallery presents “Prit Pangi”, the second large solo exhibition in her exhibit halls for this year. The exhibiting artist this time around is the talented Sri Irodikromo, daughter of the famous Surinamese artist Soeki Irodikromo. Composed out of the skillful fusion of a multitude of techniques and materials, the powerful and colorful collection shown in this exhibition proves very convincingly that Sri is a highly skilled artist in her own right. Although her artistic talent has undoubtedly been positively influenced by genetics, Sri Irodikromo by no means needs the influence of her name to attain personal success as an artist. The work in “Prit Pangi” bears witness to her love for experimentation and her genuine skill and talent and once again proves that each new experiment from the hand of Sri Irodikromo results in a spectacular work of art. The exhibition “Prit Pangi” in the Readytex Art Gallery is open to the public from June 11th until June 24th .

The art in this new collection by Sri Irodikromo is a fascinating blend of qualities bold and delicate, daring yet subtle and although the work seems grand and impulsive it also displays beautiful workmanship and is intricately detailed. True to the title of her exhibition “Prit Pangi”, the artist ‘bares it all’ and with all holds barred, gives free reign to her creativity and her urge to experiment. The work is an artistically skilled fusion of a multitude of techniques, materials and cultural influences originating out of our diverse Surinamese heritage. At first the paintings are striking because of the passionate color palette of red, orange and yellow hues, interspersed with some carefully applied contrasting color details. The intricate craftsmanship and the diverse texture of each piece are also immediate eye catchers but it is only upon closer inspection that the many techniques used by the artist truly become evident. The collection is a result of daring experiments in the combination of several techniques and materials and the multi disciplinary background of Sri Irodikromo’s art career is clearly evident throughout the entire collection. Batik processed into the canvas or attached to the canvas as an appliqué, embroidery, stencil techniques, traditional maroon pangi fabric, textile marker drawings, techniques inspired by quilting and colorful acrylic paint work, make each piece in the collection into an original and unusual work of art. Take into consideration also the skillful and sometimes subtle way in which the artist has managed to incorporate cultural elements out of our diverse cultural heritage such as maluana’s, jarang kepang horses, wood carving motifs and much more, and you will agree that the creativity and skill of Sri Irodikromo have been abundantly demonstrated.

The theme in this collection gravitates mainly around the typical Surinamese ‘Kotomisi’ woman but concerns also Maroon, Indian, Javanese and Indigenous women, each in their traditional garb and some, as literally suggested by the title “Prit Pangi”, with breasts partially or completely bared. The women in this collection were mainly used by Sri as a vessel for her creativity and urge to experiment as their beautiful traditional attire lends itself perfectly for this purpose and for the intricate details which she chose to incorporate. The exhibition also displays some experiments in abstraction and some paintings of birds. The artist furthermore proves her versatility with several ‘raku stoked’ ceramics and small ink sketches, which each in their own way pay tribute to the Surinamese “Prit Pangi” woman.

The Readytex Art Gallery team invites each and everyone to visit this spectacular exhibition by Sri Irodikromo. The exhibition is open from June 11th until June 24th during the regular opening hours of the gallery.