“Special Gift Edition” at Readytex Art Gallery

“Special Gift Edition” at Readytex Art Gallery

06/12/2018 - 29/12/2018

Thursday-Night-Feature December 6: ‘Special gifts edition’

It’s hard to believe, but the last Thursday-Night-Feature (TNF) of 2018 is already right around the corner. 2018 has practically flown by, and the festive and busy December month is making its grand entrance. It is a month in which many calendars are fully booked with parties and dinners, and in which everyone surrenders to the busy hustle and bustle of the downtown stores and shopping centers, hoping to find the perfect gift for all the loved ones on their list. Readytex Art Gallery has the perfect solution for those on the look-out for more memorable and special gifts this Christmas season! At this TNF coming up on December 6th, just as we did last year, we present our guests with a ‘Special gifts edition’ in which we offer a large variety of artistic gift items.

Especially for this ‘Special gifts edition’ TNF, and for the rest of the month December, the entire ground floor of Readytex Art Gallery will be dedicated to unique and affordable works of art that make wonderful Christmas gifts. In addition to a collection of small watercolors, paintings and sculptures, the assortment will include hand-painted bottles and glasses, painted scarves, wooden utensils with artful designs, and many other unique gift items all made by our talented visual artists.

So join us for a pleasant, art-filled evening and solve all your holiday shopping dilemmas, whilst enjoying an excellent cup of KW coffee brewed on the spot by our professional Barista.

The special gift edition TNF at Readytex Art Gallery on December 6th will be open from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. Items purchased on this evening can be taken home right away.

The ‘special gifts’ display of this TNF will remain in the gallery for the entire month of December.