Solo exhibition by Sunil Puljhun: Sanskrti ka Sanrakshan

Solo exhibition by Sunil Puljhun: Sanskrti ka Sanrakshan

02/11/2023 - 02/12/2023

Dear art friends,

Get ready to enjoy yet another beautiful solo exhibition at Readytex Art Gallery this November. Visual artist Sunil Puljhun will present a new collection of artworks in his exhibition titled Sanskrti ka Sanrakshan (Preservation of culture). A collection in which Sunil exhibits a surprising new approach to the theme that he has been focusing on in the past several years. 

Where his imagery previously emphasized the darker side of human nature, Sunil currently focuses on something that he believes can help drive out much of the negativity in the world: a broader sense of cultural awareness and respect. Because according to Sunil, one of the causes of the misery in the world lies in the fact that people don’t understand and appreciate the cultures of others, which is often due to an increasing lack of knowledge of and respect for one’s own culture and heritage. This has been a subject of interest to the artist for quite a while now. Within that framework he has started researching the effects of various routes of migration on the development of culture and religion, particularly among young people throughout the diaspora.   

Sunil starts his research with himself. He delves deep into the culture of his own Hindustani heritage and chooses several elements to highlight in a series of large-scale artworks on canvas. Classical Indian dance styles such as Kathak and Bharatanatyam, play a central role within the compositions because he considers them to be especially vivid expressions of Hindu culture, history and spirituality. He also incorporates traditional musical instruments, characters from the Devanagari script, henna patterns and other symbols important to the culture. And while he uses bright colors to reflect the richness of Hindustani culture, deliberate swatches of black do turn up in many of the compositions. They symbolize the feelings of uncertainty and fear associated with the threatening deterioration of the culture, due in part to increasing western influences. With his new art collection Sunil Puljhun wants to instill a renewed sense of appreciation among the public, and ultimately hopes to contribute to the preservation of the culture, Sanskrti ka Sanrakshan.

This special solo exhibition of Sunil Puljhun opens in Readytex Art Gallery on Thursday, November 2, at 7:30 pm. After this, the exhibition will be on view from Friday, November 3, until Saturday, December 2, during the regular opening hours of the gallery from Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and on Saturday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm.

You are most welcome!

Team Readytex Art Gallery