Rene Tosari at IVCC

Rene Tosari at IVCC

Tosari: kleur, contrast en verdieping
(color, contrast and depth)

On July 29th, the IVCC – Instituto Venezolano para la Cultura y la Coöperacion under the auspices of the Readytex Art Gallery, presents the latest solo-exhibition from the artist René Tosari.
‘Tosari: kleur, contrast en verdieping’ is once again a unique exhibition by this artist who- despite his many years of experience as a professional artist- manages time and time again to  present work of a new dimension and depth to his public. Although visually very diverse, the elements of color, contrast and technical skill are the binding factors that tie the several lines of focus in the collection together into one spectacular presentation.

Driven by his impulses and instinct on the one side, and the conscious decision not to limit himself to one pre-chosen theme or subject on the other, the artist has created an interesting multi-thematic art collection. Tosari does admit that certain elements in his life, such as for example his constantly changing living conditions and surroundings, are inevitably of influence to his art, but more than ever he is driven by a relentless creative urge. The artist is restless and consumed by the urge to create something new, something different. Led by his professionalism, experience and skill the artist has positively channeled these turbulent emotions and creative energies into the creation of a unique and surprising art collection. Each piece in the collection is the result of a fascinating artistic process and has its own interesting and involved story of creation.

So although the process was initially guided by impulse and emotion, it ultimately became a conscious and professional effort concentrated on the completion of three specific themes which are clearly identifiable. An environmentally inspired series, a Digi-series and a number of abstract paintings altogether make up the art collection of this new Tosari exhibition. Throughout the entire exhibition the sharply outlined abstract shapes against the whimsically structured background provide fascinating contrasts and make this thematically varied exhibition into a visually stimulating cohesive whole. This typical Tosari-technique, in which the artist has perfected the skill of combining oils and acrylics to create a unique texture and structure on his canvas, has for years now provided the unique appearance which has practically become a ‘Tosari trademark’.

The figures in the artist’s new collection are more abstract, but there are some exceptions. A number of quite realistically portrayed animals and other natural elements, sometimes visually isolated within sharply defined outlines, can be found throughout one part of the collection. Concern for the environment is clearly the main motivation behind these particular pieces of art. Here the contrast created by the abstract or modern-world background in some of the paintings, only serves to emphasize the urgent need to find the right balance between man and nature.
On quite a different note the artist has playfully dedicated another series of the collection to the modern digital age and in particular to the current telecommunication battle between the main service providers in Suriname.
The third series contains a number of abstract paintings in which the artist has skillfully used the elements of shape, color, definition and contrast to create several clever compositions.

This fascinating and contrast-rich exhibition by René Tosari is open to the public from July 30th until the 1st of August in the Venezuelan Institute for Culture and Cooperation (IVCC) located on the corner of the Weide- and the Fred Derby straat. The opening hours are daily from 9:00 am – 13:00 pm and 17:00 pm – 20:00 pm.