Paul & Sri Irodikromo

Paul & Sri Irodikromo

(above picture taken at the festive opening reception)

Paul & Sri Irodikromo
July 16 – July 30, 2005

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Readytex Art Gallery is proud to present the combined exhibit of Sri and Paul Irodikromo. Fascinating works of art by talented and driven young artists definitely deserving of a place in the international art world.
They share the same last name as well as a source of inspiration in the great artist Suki Irodikromo, but they each clearly have their own unique style.
It is this unique style and the resulting variety which make this particular exhibition a real treat for art lovers and novices alike.
From the beautiful colorful works of Paul, to the dreamy quality of the paintings of old historical buildings in Paramaribo and vibrant batik pieces of Sri, the visitors to this exhibit are all guaranteed a visual treat!!
Paul Irodikromo and Sri Irodikromo are both artists with great talent and skill well worthy of their mentor (as well as respectively brother and father), Suki Irodikromo.

Paul Irodikromo
The compositions from Paul Irodikromo are brought to life with mainly oil and acrylics on paper into a creation of beautiful bright colors and shapes. These colors and shapes interact harmoniously to bring to life the faces and figures within. The portrayal of people is the main purpose of the artist in the works of art presented in this exhibit.
People, different as they are because of their unique circumstances, environment, culture and other influences, are the main inspiration for Paul Irodikromo.
For the paintings in this exhibit Paul was also greatly inspired by the new experiences and impressions he has been confronted with since his move to Holland, now longer than three years ago. Being in such a different environment, such a modern society and different culture have greatly influenced his work. Still however, according to Paul, he does his work in his own unique style and people remain to be the main focal point in his recent art.
The exhibit contains a multitude of vibrant paintings in each of which people are portrayed differently with bright and lively colors, as well as one piece of three figures in vibrant red and orange hues to which three dimensional texture has been added to create depth.
Altogether an impressive collection which will undoubtedly add to the good name and reputation of the artist.

Sri Irodikromo
Sri Irodikromo is present at this exhibit with a variety of three different types of art.
Remarkable are the elongated paintings of historical buildings in downtown Paramaribo. With scenes derived from old black and white photographs or parts thereof, these paintings portray the old buildings and people around them in a way which creates a sort of dreamy quality. This because they are mainly done in soft colors of acrylics and oil paint and also because there are no hard edges or lines to the paintings. They are a truly beautiful representation of Surinamese architecture in art.
Very different from the paintings are the bright colors and lively images of the batik (created with colorful dyes on cloth) pieces in this exhibit. They portray graceful Surinamese women in traditional clothing in an elegant yet also powerful way. Bright and beautiful are two words which immediately come to mind.
Last but not least this exhibit also contains some of Sri’s fine etch works. Charming images of Surinamese frogs in contrasting black and white.
After living in Holland for longer than ten years, Sri has now returned to Suriname. While her uncle Paul finds himself inspired by his new environment in Holland, for Sri the inspiration is here in Suriname.
With this exhibit Sri once again proves that her fascination with Surinamese themes as well as her great talent, enable her to create art of impressive quality and appeal.

Text by Cassandra Gummels – Relyveld