‘‘Open House” in March at Readytex Art Gallery

‘‘Open House” in March at Readytex Art Gallery

07/03/2019 - 23/03/2019

‘Open House’ on the Thursday-Night-Feature of March 7th


On Thursday March 7th Readytex Art Gallery presents her third Thursday-Night-Feature (TNF) for the year 2019. On the schedule this month, is a more casual and relaxing ‘Open House’ feature. So no special speakers or presentations this time around, but just a nice evening to truly enjoy beautiful art and good company. And the team of Readytex Art Gallery did indeed, as they always do, take great care to install a beautiful and diverse collection of art throughout the entire gallery.

For this ‘Open House’, the collection displayed on the ground floor of the gallery is inspired by the upcoming Phagwa holiday. This colorful holiday, an important part of the Hindustani culture, is after all enjoyed by almost everybody in our inclusive, multi-cultural Surinamese society. And although the art displayed in this space is not literally about Phagwa, the collection, which consists mainly of abstract and colorful art works, does make a beautiful, artistic link. Throughout the rest of the gallery you will be able to, as always, enjoy a diverse collection of art works from all 19 artists affiliated with the gallery. Each artist has his or her own spot in the space, and such an ‘Open House’ event is the ideal opportunity to take the time to really look at, and enjoy all that they have to offer.

Readytex Art Gallery invites all to join us at this ‘Open House’ at the TNF of Thursday March 7th. A pleasant evening filled with inspirational art and stimulating conversations for artists and art lovers alike! The doors of Readytex Art Gallery are open from 7:00 – 9:00 pm on this evening.

You are welcome!