Open house 2005

Open house 2005

(above picture taken at the festive opening reception)



Welcome to the Readytex Art Gallery Open House Exhibition 2005


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Readytex Art Gallery proudly welcomes you to this year’s Open House Exhibition. After the success of last years Open House Exhibition, the Gallery has decided to turn this into a yearly returning event, this year opening on November 12 and ending on the 26th.

With a sample selection chosen out of a dynamic collection of around 700 pieces of art from a total of 32 artists, the art exhibited promises to leave every visitor with a lasting impression.


Since her establishment in 1993 Readytex Art Gallery has devoted herself completely to the development and promotion of Surinamese artists and their art, and regularly organizes exhibitions for individual artists in the Gallery. The Gallery is open daily and has a year round mixed collection on display but the fact remains however, that the festive occasion of an opening night for a special exhibition draws the larger public. Individual exhibitions do attract a large crowd, but the visitor comes in contact with the collection of the exhibiting artist only.


The idea for the Open House Exhibition was therefore born out of the need to give art lovers the opportunity, during a festive nighttime occasion, to enjoy a great and varied collection of art; art which attests to the creativity and skill of our Surinamese artists and which gives expression to our rich and varied cultural backgrounds.


This exhibition presents visitors with a choice selection out of a dynamic collection consisting of paintings on canvas and paper, hand painted pottery, ceramics and sculptures by famous, experienced and newly upcoming, talented artists. Interesting are also the paintings by some recently joined foreign artists, who through their art express their own unique relationship with our country. Altogether this is a fascinating selection done in many different styles and executed with creative use of color and material.

With this exhibition the Gallery aims to increase the publics’ awareness of the dynamics and growth within the present day art industry in our own country.


Art in Suriname is developing at a staggering pace and the quantity but definitely also the quality of the artworks is surprising. This exhibition is sure to convince local visitors of these facts, but in order to truly do honor to these developments it is absolutely necessary that Suriname presents her artists and their art to the international art world. It was this obvious need that inspired the launch of the Readytex Art Gallery website:, in April 2000 which aims to increase the international exposure of Surinamese artists and their art.

Art-lovers worldwide now have access to up to date information about our gallery, the artists and to the complete art collection, with the option to buy if they so desire. All this 24 hours long, every day! Because of this our Gallery is never closed to you!!



Team Readytex Art Gallery



(Text by Cassandra Gummels)