Mini Feature Wilgo Vijfhoven

Mini Feature Wilgo Vijfhoven

“The women of Wilgo Vijfhoven”

On February 11th the Readytex Art Gallery will offer art-loving Suriname a new excellent Mini Feature in her main hall. The artist in the lime light during this special feature is none other than the well known Wilgo Vijfhoven. Up until February the 29th the entire main hall of the gallery will be solely dedicated to the art of this talented artist, and we encourage everyone to take this opportunity to visit and enjoy the work of Wilgo Vijfhoven.

The main theme of art by Wilgo Vijfhoven is immediately obvious to each viewer because women are clearly the subject which keeps the artist most occupied. The paintings are mysterious and intense and fill the viewer with curiosity; curiosity born from the desire to find out what the circumstances are of each woman portrayed by the artist. This is amplified because although the artist never paints a face or head on the women in his paintings, a dramatic sense of emotion still emanates from his work.
Although women have always been his main source of inspiration, there is a subtle change detectable in his style and technique. His previous work was often dominated by dark blue hues, which added to the work and subsequently to the women in the paintings, a somber and desperate quality. At the same time the artist was also known to use a collage technique which gave interesting texture and an added sense of drama to his work.

His current work is more upbeat and in some cases seems more carefree, and bright intense shades of red, yellow and green are now predominant in his work. This is no conscious choice according to the artist, but simply the result of experimentation and personal and professional growth as an artist. While painting, he feels free and unencumbered and allows his heart and his emotions to direct his artistic expressions. With his very individual and recognizable style, the artist has currently managed to attain great popularity in the Surinamese art world.

Although his style may show subtle changes over time, his theme however, remains unchanged. Women are still his main source of inspiration. “Her beauty captivates me, but more than that it is the inner strength which enables her to keep her head above water during times of immense trial and tribulation, which fascinates me”.
The inferior and subordinate position of many Surinamese women, the difficult socio economic circumstances of especially those women who are less well-off, and who are often single mothers solely responsible for many children, are subjects which greatly affect the artist. With his art he aims to call attention to the difficulties affecting the lives of these women and thus hopes to contribute to the process of strengthening the position of women in Suriname today.

This Mini Feature on Wilgo Vijfhoven can be visited during the regular opening hours of the Readytex Art Gallery which are Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am until 16:30 pm and on Saturday’s from 8:30 am until 13:30 pm. The Readytex Art Gallery is located on the Maagden straat 44 upstairs, in the Readytex department store building.

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