Manifesto group exhibition Alakondre, Wi Tru Fesi

Manifesto group exhibition Alakondre, Wi Tru Fesi

05/02/2021 - 13/03/2021

Manifesto group exhibition ALAKONDRE, WI TRU FESI at Readytex Art Gallery


As a welcome reprieve during these challenging times, Readytex Art Gallery is happy to offer you a new and inspirational exhibition to look forward to. Starting from February 5th, we present the thought-provoking group exhibition ALAKONDRE, WI TRU FESI. An exhibition born from various soul-searching and brainstorming sessions held over the past several years between our affiliated artists and theatre maker Alida Neslo, aimed at creating our own Art Manifesto around the concept of Alakondre. A concept based on how the artists reflect on the unique composition and way of life in our society.

The process of conversations between the artists and Alida Neslo started in 2018. The goal is to ultimately construct a clear, united and above all OWN point of view or point of departure, that can serve as a basis when we present Surinamese art on various global art platforms in the future. This requires that all stakeholders think more deeply about what actually distinguishes Surinamese art and artists from the rest; about where our strength lies and what we want to portray. That the answer has much to do with the unique Surinamese concept of Alakondre, is obvious. But how do you define Alakondre? For yourself and for the outside world? And how does each artist live and experience the Alakondre principle? Throughout the process, the discussions led by Alida Neslo within the group and one on one with each artist, are gradually bringing some clarity.  

This first phase of the process, which was primarily one of self-reflection, has already inspired some insights and has also brought about a preliminary version of the Art Manifesto. We thus decided to give the artists the opportunity to record and present the results of this phase in the exhibition ALAKONDRE, WI TRU FESI. An exhibition in which each artist shares his or her personal experience with, or interpretation of, the Alakondre concept. In work that lays bare a part of their inner selves; a type of ego document in a sense. The results are very diverse and vary from deep analytical and critical self-portraits, to artworks that portray an ideal or a more symbolic or abstract interpretation. But if one thing is clear, it’s that our strength actually lies in our diversity. And indeed, the first concept of our Art Manifesto states: “We celebrate the freedom of diversity, identity and affinity … all three at the same time…”

You are welcome to visit the exhibition ALAKONDRE, WI TRU FESI in Readytex Art Gallery from Friday February 5th until Saturday February 27th, during our regular opening hours: Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and on Saturday (except on lockdown weekends) from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm. For your safety as well as ours, Readytex Art Gallery observes the necessary COVID-19 measures.