LA VIE – A LIBI – an exhibition by John Lie A Fo, inspired by life and his imagination

LA VIE – A LIBI – an exhibition by John Lie A Fo, inspired by life and his imagination

At Readytex Art Gallery the preparations for our first major solo exhibition for this year are fully underway. For longer than a year now, renowned visual artist John Lie A Fo has been working diligently on the works of art that he is about to present to you in his exhibition called LA VIE – A LIBI starting on March 12th. His labors have resulted in a fascinating and diverse collection consisting of paintings, mixed media artworks, assemblages and sculptures.

Given in part because of the many months that John Lie A Fo was able to work on his new collection, and all that was going on around him and in the world, the themes of his artworks are very diverse. He simply kept drawing from what is to him, the infinite and limitless source of inspiration of life and his imagination. It is therefore, that the exhibition of this highly skilled and experienced artist who considers both Suriname and French Guiana home, is appropriately titled: LA VIE – A LIBI. He consistently manages to portray the rich stories and imagination that play out in his head, onto the surfaces that he chooses in a rather striking way, and in his typical and unique signature style. His powerful imagery is characterized as always, by an exuberant and vibrant form of expression and a deliberate, often playful deformation of the figures that he portrays.

For John Lie A Fo, his fascinating youth in multi-cultural Suriname, the many years spent studying and working in Europe, his settling in French Guiana and the successful career that he has built from there, have always been a rich breeding ground. He creates art about the things that appeal to him and the things that give him pleasure, but also about historical or social subjects in his personal environment and abroad. His new collection touches on multiple subjects, including: the worldwide Corona-pandemic, fragments of rituals, traditions and stories from the many cultures that he is familiar with and also personally identifies with, colonial history and elements from the rich tropical flora and fauna that he so admires. And with that, his exhibition also fits perfectly within the project ALAKONDRE: A Space in Time that is being implemented at Readytex Art Gallery for a yearlong together with curator-in-residence Miguel Keerveld. Within the framework of this project, colleague artist Sri Irodikromo has been assigned as lead-curator for the exhibition LA VIE – A LIBI

We hope that you will take the time to come and personally enjoy a fascinating and artistic glimpse into life, LA VIE – A LIBI as envisioned through the imagination of John Lie A Fo. The exhibition is on display from Saturday March 12th until Saturday April 2nd, during the regular opening hours of Readytex Art Gallery, from Monday – Friday from 8:00 am – 4:30 pm and on Saturday from 8:30 am – 1:30 pm. You are most welcome!

Team Readytex Art Gallery