Holland Art Fair 2006

Holland Art Fair 2006

03/04/2006 - 17/04/2006

Readytex Art gallery at the Holland Art Fair

The Readytex Art Gallery will once again be making an important move in her continuous efforts aimed at achieving professional presentation and promotion of Surinamese artists and their art worldwide.
In April the team from Readytex Art Gallery, together with a collection of over 50 works of art from 14 renowned Surinamese artists, will be traveling to Holland in order to participate in the Holland Art Fair 2006.
The Holland Art fair is a yearly returning international art fair which is held under great public interest in The Hague, Holland and which draws an ever increasing amount of visitors every year (last year about 14500). The fair starts on April 12 with a preview for art professionals and is open to the public from April 13th until April 17th .

Participation in the fair is open only to gallery’s and art dealers who qualify according to the rules as stated in the preceding selection procedure. With her participation, the gallery hopes to give herself and the artists the exposure necessary to effectively market the growing productive Surinamese art industry. This fair will be a valuable opportunity for the gallery in which to gauge the true measure of appreciation for and interest in Surinamese art. Of great interest to gallery is the reaction of the European public but more importantly still, the reaction of the other participating galleries and other art professionals.

With the introduction of her website (www.readytexartgallery.com) in 2000, the Readytex Art Gallery made her first big step towards the realization of her goal to promote Surinamese art worldwide in an efficient and professional manner. The participation in the Holland art Fair offers the gallery and the visitors the unique opportunity to reach, through face to face confrontation, a realistic view of the product and the public opinion.
Furthermore, the gallery hopes to attain valuable contacts and to interest potential business partners for the professional presentation and marketing of Surinamese art at their galleries in Holland as well.
The creativity and productivity of art in Suriname has reached such great heights that the time for maximum exposure has definitely arrived. From the rich and varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds of Suriname, a unique group of creative and skilled artists has originated, who together produce a surprisingly varied range of artwork. The booth from the Readytex Art Gallery at the fair is bound to attract great international attention.

For more information and updates on the participation of the Readytex Art Gallery at the Holland Art Fair, interested parties can log onto the Readytex Art Gallery website or for more specifics on the fair itself, log onto the website for the Holland Art Fair at www.hollandartfair.nl.
For those who will be in Holland at that time and wish to visit the fair, the opening hours are:

Thursday April 13th 11:00 – 19:00 hrs
Friday April 14th 11:00 – 22:00 hrs
Saturday April 15th-Monday April 17th 11:00 – 19:00 hrs

Team Readytex Art Gallery