Gallery presentation by Marieke Visser

Gallery presentation by Marieke Visser

Readytex Art Gallery invites you to a special Thursday-Night-Feature presentation:

Get better acquainted with Readytex Art Gallery – presented by Marieke Visser.

During this presentation on Thursday January 9, 2020, you will get to know the gallery better.  The beautiful exhibitions and displays that you can admire in the gallery on a daily basis, are the result of the continuous efforts of a dedicated team of gallery staff. And of course, also of the creative ideas and the hard work of the affiliated artists. But there is so much more that happens ‘behind the scenes’ in the gallery. Marieke Visser tells more about this on this evening. It is a perfect learning opportunity for tour guides who regularly visit the gallery with tourists, and also for everyone who would like to learn more about the work of Readytex Art Gallery.

On this evening of Thursday January 9th, the gallery will be open from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. The presentation starts at 7:30 pm.

You are most welcome!