Circus Terminal Worldwide Suriname

Circus Terminal Worldwide Suriname

22/07/2014 - 27/07/2014

From July 23 until July 27, Readytex Art Gallery presents an interesting international collaborative exhibition in De Hal, Grote Combéweg 45. This exhibition Circus Terminal Worldwide Suriname, is the last stop of an artist-led collaborative traveling art project which launched in London in 2012. Since then Circus Terminal Worldwide has traveled to Spain… France… Thailand… USA… Holland… New Zealand… and recently Slovenia… and we are proud to host the final showing of the exhibition here in Paramaribo, Suriname.

What makes this exhibition fascinating, is the vast amount of artworks and international artists that it involves. Starting in 2012 in London with 98 works from 41 artists, the exhibition has steadily grown with each new location along the way, to now include approximately 380 works of art from 97 international artists (including 12 Surinamese) at its last stop here in Paramaribo.

Circus Terminal Worldwide is a project of ‘Uncooked Culture’, an artist-led initiative led by Chutima Kerdpitak better known as Nok (London/Thailand). The aim of the project is to transcend traditional boundaries set by institutional art. As such the project offers a platform to a wide range of artists, including ’Outsider Art’, work from self-taught artists who are often not associated with or supported by galleries or other traditional art institutions. As the Circus Terminal website states: “Circus Terminal will endeavour to turn the world’s individual components into one delicious cake that will celebrate the differences and similarities of all human beings and who they are through their art. Scheduled to depart from boundaries from all across the globe, the show will be gathering evidence of life journeys”.

Surinamese artist Rinaldo Klas met Nok in 2010 when they were both Artists in Residence at Vermont Studio Centre (VSC) in the USA. They became good friends and together with several other artists residing at VSC at that time, they formed the ‘Gihon River Collective’ which exhibited in London in 2010. When Nok started Circus Terminal Worldwide in 2012, she immediately involved Rinaldo Klas, and his work has been part of the exhibition since the very start. When the exhibition traveled to Philadelphia in the USA in 2013, Klas was there to participate in the activities of the US program.
In support of Rinaldo Klas as our partner artist, and as part of our mission to strengthen international relationships and collaborations that our artists develop as their careers progress, Readytex Art Gallery is happy to host Circus Terminal Worldwide in Suriname.
Circus Terminal SURINAME will thus be led by local artist Rinaldo Klas and artist and founder of ‘Uncooked Culture’, Chutima Kerdpitak (Nok) from London/Thailand, in collaboration with Readytex Art Gallery. Joining Nok on her visit to Suriname will be participating artist Daniel Chrisjohn Benson from the USA.
Added to the work of the 85 international artists, will be that of local artists Dhiradj Ramsamoedj, George Struikelblok, Hanka Wolterstorff, Kenneth Flijders, Kit-Ling Tjon Pian Gi, Kurt Nahar, Reinier Asmoredjo, René Tosari, Roddney Tjon Poen Gie, Sri Irodikromo and Wilgo Vijfhoven. .
Circus Terminal Worldwide Suriname is open to the public from Wednesday, July 23 until Sunday, July 27, from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

The exhibition program will include several artist led activities yet to be announced. Please closely follow all updates on the Facebook pages of Readytex Art Gallery and Circus Terminal Worldwide