Book presentation”René Tosari: Diversity is power”

Book presentation”René Tosari: Diversity is power”

René Tosari: Diversity is power


The first Thursday-Night-Feature of Readytex Art Gallery in 2019, is a very special one. On this day, the gallery proudly hosts the book presentation of René Tosari: Diversity is power, a beautiful publication about the work of visual artist René Tosari. An important and well-deserved milestone in the career of an artist with a very rich artistry. After his studies at the art academy in Rotterdam and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam, René Tosari, who was born and raised in Suriname, spent his time alternately between the Netherlands and Suriname. Over the years Tosari played an important role in the development of the visual arts in both countries. In 2013, he settled permanently in his country of birth, Suriname.

Whereas early in his career he was heavily motivated by his social engagement, as seen especially in the many fine art prints that he produced, Tosari was later on mostly driven by his desire to experiment and to continuously perfect his painting techniques. The artist’s work has been on display at Readytex Art Gallery in Suriname for many years now, but that is just a fraction of the extensive collection that he has produced throughout the years. With the essays, the large number of images, and the detailed timeline in Diversity is power, the art loving public will finally get a better idea of the moving oeuvre and the substantial productivity of this passionate artist.

The publication of Diversity is power was made possible by contributions from the Mondriaan Fund, Readytex Art Gallery, Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and over 100 donators through crowdfunding platform Voordekunst. The essays in the book were written by the editors Priscilla Tosari and Rob Perrée, and by Steve Ammersing, Chandra van Binnendijk and Marieke Visser. The translation was done by Jane Hall. The publisher is Jap Sam Books, and the designer is Edwin van Gelder of Mainstudio.

The book presentation of Diversity is power in Readytex Art Gallery, on Thursday January 3rd, starts at 7:30 pm. All guests are welcome in the gallery from 7:00 pm. A beautiful collection of art works by René Tosari is exhibited on the ground floor of the gallery, and will remain on display throughout the entire month of January.

During the presentation, there will be short speeches by the editors Priscilla Tosari and Rob Perrée, and last but not least, also by René Tosari himself. Afterwards, the public will have the opportunity to purchase the book and have it signed. And if you made a contribution through the crowdfunding, you will also be able to collect your compensation on this evening.