Artists participating in international exhibitions

Artists participating in international exhibitions

Press release – Readytex Art Gallery: Artists participating in international exhibitions

Readytex Art Gallery, Paramaribo, February 2010

 2010 promises to become a busy art year for artists from Suriname. For the artists associated with the Readytex Art Gallery the calendars are also booked almost solid for the First part of this year. Especially interesting to note, is that aside from several local activities, there are also a number of international events and exhibitions on their programs. Current and pending activities include:

 Brussels, Belgium
From February 18th until the 12th of March, work by artist Kurt Nahar will be on display at the exhibition 17.912 dagen, geboeid door schoonheid (17.912 days, enthralled by beauty), which is held in Brussels, Belgium. The participation of Kurt Nahar in this exhibition came about because of a private purchase of a piece by Nahar in 2009 at the Readytex Art Gallery, by Wim de Pauw, Professor at the Vrije Universiteit in Brussels. It was a collage composition on which the famous Mona Lisa face has been distorted by the artist with other image fragments. This piece of art had a marked effect upon its new owner and when asked to write a thesis about the term ‘beauty’ he based his writings on inspiration obtained from Kurt’s work. De Pauw and Nahar had since also met each other personally and in the resulting exchange of thoughts and ideas the opportunity for Kurt Nahar to exhibit in Belgium presented itself.

 Cayenne, French-Guyana
In Galerie L’encadrier in Cayenne, French-Guyana, the exhibition Couleurs du Suriname opens on the 19th of February after close collaboration with the Readytex Art Gallery. In this exhibition the colorful works of art by artists Rinaldo Klas and Reinier Asmoredjo are presented to the French public. In their own primarily figurative visual language both artists portray elements from Surinamese culture and nature. Typical symbolisms inspired by their tropical Surinamese surroundings and a bright palette of colors are characteristic elements in the artwork by Klas as well as Asmoredjo. The exhibition, an initiative of Claude Favier from Galerie L’encadrier in Cayenne, is open until the end of March. Both artists were present during opening and the first few days of the exhibition.

 The Hague, The Netherlands
As a component of a large literary youth festival from the Foundation Boekids, Pulchri Studio in The Hague, The Netherlands hosts an interesting exhibition from the 13th of March until the 4th of April 2010. To set up this special art exhibition the artists Kurt Nahar, Marcel Pinas (Suriname) and Patricia Kearsenhout (The Netherlands) were approached. Previously in 2008/2009 these three artists worked together in the Wakaman Project of Gillion Grantsaan and Remy Jungerman. The title for this new exhibition, conceived by Kurt Nahar is San e psa (what is happening, things are happening) and reflects upon the belief that the youth in Suriname, but also in The Netherlands, knows little or nothing about the historical events of the eighties in Suriname. With this exhibition the artists want to rouse the public from their sleep. They want to increase knowledge and awareness (especially amongst younger generations) about events from the recent past such as the revolution, the December murders, the war in the interior and the problems facing a great deal of the inhabitants of Suriname’s interior. Nahar and Pinas do this in their own artistic and confrontational manner with multimedia art installation which invariably command attention. Kearsenhout will position the history of Suriname within a broader perspective. She uses a written text as a guideline for the work she creates especially for this exhibition.
Subsequently to the exhibition in Pulchri, Rinaldo Klas will also participate in an exhibition in The Hague. This exhibition held in Lily’s Galerie is a commercial exhibition and will be on display from March 26th until the end of April. Just like Nahar and Pinas, Rinaldo Klas will also be traveling to the Netherlands to be present at his exhibition.
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 Team Readytex Art Gallery