Miguel Keerveld

“This is precisely the time when artists go to work. We speak, we write, we do language… That is how civilizations heal.”
– Toni Morrison

Miguel Keerveld is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus on curating, intuitive coaching, and creative writing. While questioning race and gender with a critical perspective, he frequently pushes the boundaries to confront generalized ideas about the processes of identification and encounters, and engages in research and artistic productions that challenge colonization and representation. He uses theory to inform his writing process and social practice to strengthen social relations within communities, while also challenging problems of power scale and local knowledge. Miguel has a background in Civil engineering, and has also worked on several projects related to leadership, quality management control, artistic research and social practice. He has participated in various art projects and residencies in Brazil and Mexico, among others.

As part of his enrollment in THIRD Cycle Research at the Amsterdam University of the Arts, the Netherlands, he is currently curator-in-residence at Readytex Art Gallery in Paramaribo, Suriname.

Work Experiences

Artist-in-Residencies (highlights)
● 2021 11 weeks self-guided focus on storytelling – Monterrey, MX
● 2021 06 weeks artist residency with research process, Arquetopia – Oaxaca, MX
● 2020 11 weeks self-guided focus on a synopsis – Puebla, MX
● 2020 11 weeks contemporary art research residency, Uberbau_House – São Paulo, BR
● 2019 11 weeks self-guided focus on art production – Chiapas, MX
● 2019 06 weeks triple international summer academic program, Arquetopia – Puebla, MX
● 2017 03 weeks artist residency for production, Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia – Pucallpa, PE
● 2017 06 weeks special international summer academic program, Arquetopia – Puebla, MX

Creative, Youth and Empowerment Activities (highlights)
● 2021 – 2022 Curator-in-Residence for Readytex Art Gallery (project ALAKONDRE: A space in time)
● 2019 – 2021 Managing the process COUP 22: a collaboration with youth and artists
● 2017 – 2021 Artist-in-Residence in Peru, Mexico, and Brazil to understand art systems in Latin America
● 2017 – 2018 Project Management of MISSION 21: artist and youth mentoring program for youth
● 2016 – 2019 Workshop for children at Villa Zapakara and Peperpot Nature Resort
● 2015 – 2019 Workshops, motivations, and exhibitions with US Embassy in Suriname


Virtual Art Events (highlights)
● 2021 COVID: Collecting Our Voices in Dialogue by Museums Association of the Caribbean
● 2021 La Forma del Cuerpo: Final project of Curatorship of ARPA BUAP – Puebla, MX
● 2020 COUP 22: a virtual intervention related to the COVID-19 pandemic 2020

Art Manifestations (highlights)
● 2020 NET’ ALENG: You Are NOT Invited!, De Hal – Paramaribo, Suriname
● 2020 SOLAR, Casa Francescana – Mexico City, MX
● 2018 ERROR ERROR ERROR – public performance – Paramaribo, Suriname
● 2018 MISSION 21: where young people and artists come together, De Hal – Paramaribo, Suriname
● 2017 AISA AYA: community public art, Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia – Pucallpa, PE
● 2016 SPONTANE/US, Tori Oso | Souposo | Gudrun LLC | Felisa Gallery, Suriname
● 2015 Tembi Fu Libi, Moengo Festival of Visual Arts – Marowijne, Suriname
● 2013 CONNECTION, Hotel Wyndham Garden – Paramaribo, Suriname
● 2012 SHEMACHO: I challenge I, De Hal – Paramaribo, Suriname
● 2011 Silent Encounter, House of Art – Paramaribo, Suriname
● 2010 NEGROWHITE: Identity & Image @ Open Air Museum Nw Amsterdam, Suriname
● 2009 Buglahe, ADA (home of Ada Korbee) – Commewijne, Suriname
● 2008 Reflection, Hotel Krasnapolsky – Paramaribo, Suriname