About Us

Who we are

Readytex is the leading privately owned retailer of Surinamese fine visual art and craft.

Our real store is located in the heart of Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname.  The Art Gallery and the Craft Shop are two of six departments within the department store Readytex and they have developed a reputation of their own.

The Craft department  was started around 1984 and has since grown to match the productivity and the growth of the local market for craft.  We now offer the most extensive assortment of local craft and souvenirs.

The Art Gallery has been part of the Readytex concept since 1993 and has spearheaded an explosion of creative development in Suriname’s visual art world, enabling artists to add to their income by having their art professionally marketed. For more information please read our gallery statement as well.

With the addition of our virtual store we are acting on our aim to attract and serve an international group of art and craft lovers and collectors.

Business hours are:

  • Monday thru Friday from 08.00 – 16.30
  • Saturdays from 08.30 – 13.30
  • Thursday Night Feature opening hours from 19.00 – 21.00 hours (every first Thursday of the month)
  • Closed on Sundays and local holidays



Readytex Art  Gallery, founded in 1993, sells and promotes a large variety of fine art created by skilled and talented Surinamese artists. In February of 2015 the gallery relocated to a four-story, beautifully renovated historical building to which a modern stone expansion has been added in  the  rear.  This  spacious  new gallery home, formerly the residence of the Issa ancestors of the Readytex founders, is architecturally and historically speaking, a striking balance between the old and the new. It is also the perfect backdrop for the meaningful and  engaging works of art produced by our highly ambitious partner artists.

Readytex Art Gallery stocks a diverse collection of upwards of 500 works of art including paintings, sculptures, ceramics and many other forms of mixed media art and installations. The works of art are displayed through-out our gallery in regularly rotating exhibitions and several times each  year we host large solo exhibitions on the first floor. Readytex Art  Gallery also hosts a  special Thursday-night-feature on every first Thursday of the month, in the evenings from 7:00 until 9:00 pm, during which artists are invited for a special exhibition or presentation.


Readytex Art Gallery  believes in the strength and the potential of Surinamese art and artists. We represent a group of ambitious artists whom, in their work, remain true to their convictions and ideals. As part of these valued partnerships we work not only to serve the commercial interests of gallery and artist, but we also invest much of our resources in the growth and development of our artist’s careers and ambitions.

As the intermediary between artist and client Readytex Art Gallery  places equal value on the interests of both parties. In addition to supporting the development of the artist, we also contribute to the development of the art market. A more aware and informed art market, an increase in the number of buyers and art collectors, and artists who are capable of growing professionally, are all factors that work to the benefit of all stakeholders involved.

The efforts of Readytex Art Gallery  extend far beyond the borders of Suriname. Through our web and facebook presence and through various valuable international relationships and collaborations, we present and promote our partner artists in the rest of the world. Whereas we currently enjoy and nurture longstanding productive relationships within French Guiana, the Netherlands, the Caribbean region and the USA, we also aim to subsequently extend our platform to other markets in South- and North America, Europe, the Middle East and potentially the Far East. Due to our efforts many of our committed artists have successfully participated in various international collaborations, exhibitions and artist-in-residence programs, which have again added to their and the gallery’s international network.

Artists that started their career with the establishment of the gallery have grown and become  renowned both locally as well as internationally, to a great extent because of the facilitating and enabling platform that Readytex Art  Gallery has proven to be.


Visual Art

Paintings and  mixed media art works, ceramic sculptures, wooden sculptures (of Surinamese wood) and three-dimensional art in various media.

Art lease

For companies or establishments that are not interested in investing in one immediate, large art purchase, we offer our art lease service. For a fixed monthly rental fee, we can enhance the assigned work- space  with works of art that speak well to the client, the employees, the company, the interior as well as the desired character and ambiance. Readytex Art Gallery has an extensive and varied art collection at its disposal. In close collaboration with the client, the most fitting selection is put together for the designated space. This service is particularly  suitable for companies, hotels and other institutions in the service industries that do not wish to allocate funds within their budget for investments in art, but do recognize the significant role art plays in creating an inviting and ambient environment in an otherwise uninspiring workspace.

Art Consulting Services

Individuals or companies who are interested in investing in art, often desire professional advice in making the right choice. As art gallery we have many years of extensive experience in installing art in a variety of spaces. At the same time we have significant knowledge and understanding of the Surinamese art market and are well informed of the trajectory and the career perspectives of almost all local artists.  Because of this we are well equipped as gallery to offer professional advice to the client who, while buying a beautiful piece of art, would also like the assurance that he/she is making a wise investment.

Our large and varied art collection offers everyone, regardless of desired style or personal taste, a substantial selection to choose from. However, such a substantial amount of choice might prove to be intimidating to some clients. With our art consulting service we take into account  the personal style and taste of the customer and the specifics of the assigned space, to make a recommendation  for the most ideal  collection.  As  soon as  the client agrees upon the collection, the pieces are placed or hung within the space  by the Readytex Art Gallery team, according to an    artful    and    carefully    designed installation concept.