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In his recent artworks, Kurt Nahar focuses mainly on the theme of identity. Within this theme he specifically explores the role that skin color unfortunately still plays in many communities. His triptych named Soldering, deals with this subject as well.

In the portraits that Kurt creates for this exhibition, the details of the face and the likeness are not important. “The many ethnicities that flow through my blood, are more important to me. I might look light, but given my mixed background, from my mother’s as well as my father’s side, almost all races and colors are represented within me. In my mother’s belly I was essentially mixed, like in one tube, into what I am. In Suriname the ‘moksi patu’ of people in different colors and types, is considered normal by everybody. But in Jamaica I was struck by how many people consider themselves too dark and actually use tubes filled with bleaching products to help them achieve the lighter skin tone that they so desire. There, I gained a new consciousness about my own skin color and about how it influences the way that people in other parts of the world look at me.

The poem in the third work is an ego document related to how people struggle to deal with their color, and for me personally about how I sometimes feel when I go beyond my own borders.”

On the ground in front of the three paintings, Kurt places an old pair of slippers that used to belong to his already deceased father. In them he places a baby photo of himself. He thus portrays the role that his father played in shaping his identity. And also, that he feels that his father lives on within him, spiritually.

About the artist...

Soldering, 2021 (code: 9827)
(Kurt Nahar)

January 2021
Manifesto group exhibition Alakondre, Wi Tru Fesi
250 w, 190 h, 60 d cm

Mixed Media

37.5kg (cat: 35 - 40 kg)
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