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Gallery Statement

Gallery Statement
Readytex Art Gallery believes in the strength and the potential of Surinamese art and artists. We are therefore deeply committed to the growth and development of both, and through a market oriented approach and promotion locally as well as internationally, we aim to contribute to the overall advancement of the Surinamese art industry.
Readytex Art Gallery supports and represents ambitious artists whom, in their work, remain true to their convictions and their ideals. We are the intermediary between artist and client and place equal value on the interests of both parties. As gallery we offer the artists a professional and stable basis which serves as a solid foundation for the development of their careers. We support not only the development of the artist, but also the development of the art market, since ultimately this benefits the artist as well as the client. It is after of great interest to the client, when the artist he or she has invested in, is capable of growing professionally. This process is also particularly well served when the number of collectors of Surinamese art increases.
Because we are convinced of a direct correlation between a strong business sector and a strong art sector, we consciously include local businesses as much as possible in the activities of the gallery.
Our international goal is to increasingly present and promote artists from Suriname in the rest of the World. Initially the realization of this international vision is oriented towards French Guiana, the Netherlands, Miami Florida, and the Caribbean. Subsequently we will also direct our efforts to other markets in South- and North America, Europe, the Middle East and potentially the Far East. In this regard our website www.readytexartgallery.com and the internet itself are crucial tools through which for some time already, we keep thousands of art lovers all over the World informed about all our products and activities.
We expend great effort on attaining a worthy and well deserved presence for Surinamese art and artists in the international art market.

Visual Art
•Paintings and mixed media artworks
•Sculptures (of Surinamese wood)
•Three dimensional art in various media


Art lease

For companies or establishments that are not capable of investing in one immediate, large art purchase, we offer our art lease service. For a fixed monthly rental fee, we can enhance the assigned workspace with works of art that speak well to the client, the employees, the company, the interior as well as the desired character and ambiance. Readytex Art Gallery has an extensive and varied art collection at its disposal. In close collaboration with the client the most fitting selection is put together for each particular space. This service is particularly suitable for companies, hotels and other institutions in the service industries, which do not have the necessary budget to invest in art, but do recognize the significant role art plays in creating an inviting and ambient environment in their workspace.

Art décor and staging

Clients or companies that are interested in investing in art often desire professional advice in making the right choice. As art gallery we have an extensive and yearlong experience in decorating a variety of spaces with art. At the same time we have significant knowledge and understanding of the Surinamese art market and are well informed of the trajectory and the career perspectives of almost all local artists. Because of this we are well equipped as gallery to offer professional advice to the client who, while buying a beautiful piece of art, would also like the assurance that he/she is making a wise investment.
Our extensive and varied art collection offers everyone, regardless of desired style or personal taste, a substantial selection to choose from. However, such a substantial amount of choice might prove to be intimidating to some clients. With our art décor and staging service we take into account the personal style and taste of the customer and the specifics of the assigned space, to bring out our advice for the most ideal collection. As soon as the collection is agreed upon by the client, the pieces are placed or hung within the space by the Readytex Art Gallery team, according to an artful and carefully designed decorating concept.

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