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The Nene Rituals installation by Kurt Nahar (9 Apr 2021 - 29 May 2021)
On Friday April 9th a new large-scale art installation by artist Kurt Nahar, named The Nene Rituals, was symbolically opened to the public on the second floor of Readytex Art Gallery. The opening act included a performance by spoken word artist Obed Kanapé and short speeches by author Cynthia McLeod and the assistant director of the department of Culture, Clifton Braam. In The Nene Rituals Nahar visualizes multiple themes flowing from and related to, the turbulent history of slavery, including its effects on present-day Caribbean people. The art installation is based on the immense historical tragedy of the 664 captured Africans who, deliberately locked up in the hold, drowned when the slave ship Leusden slowly sank off the mouth of the Marowijne river in Suriname, in 1738. Please make sure to visit this striking art installation through which the artist pays homage to all the ancestors who suffered the inhumanity and injustice of slavery.
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