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Launching Boipili Jewelry
(28 Jan 2012 - 11 Feb 2012)

Sparkling silver. Bent in flowing, seductive lines.
Strong symbols, revealing the secrets of days long gone. The Afaka script, developed at the beginning of the 20th century by a man from the Maroon tribe of the Ndyuka in Southeast Suriname.
Decorative and meaningful patterns, the graceful craft of tembe artisans, generation upon generation of skilled woodcarvers.
Transformed to send a powerful message in the shape of silver jewelry. Translated into a universal language of grace and beauty, understood and appreciated throughout time and space.
Speaking of the Maroon heritage. Of the people who built a life in the jungle, at peace with Nature. It is a proud heritage. It was then. It is now. And it will be tomorrow.    

Marcel Pinas. Visual artist, more than an artist Ö Kibri a kulturu is his message, kibii wi koni is his mission: preserving the Maroon culture, preserving his heritage. By making art, by educating, by confronting, by involving the community. Stimulating social and economic development; delivering a moral and financial boost there where it is needed most.

The Boipili Jewelry line, designed by Marcel Pinas, will bring this artistís vision even further to life. Writing with silver, making a firm statement with jewelry. A statement more powerful than words! Representing the cherished heritage of the Ndyuka people and soon also that of many other proud Maroon and Indigenous peoples from Suriname. Moengo, Marowijne, is where it all begins. The place where the community will first be involved in crafting the fine line of Boipili Jewelry. Brokopondo and Sipaliwini are the next destinations along the path of progress. A path inspired by heritage, fueled by creativity and set forth by Marcel Pinas.

Boipili Jewelry. A line of jewelry created with pride, crafted with skill.
True authentic designs, worn with confidence by those who understand the essence of what Boipiliís jewelry is all about. Worn by all who appreciate the fine things in life!

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Boipili - Marcel Pinas
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Marcel Pinasí last works reflect the ideograms of the painted woodcarving of the Aucaners (Maroon) tribe, of which he is a member.

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