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Every year we organize two to three art exhibitions in our art gallery. These exhibitions has three opening nights. It starts with an opening night reception at which time the artist and his or her artworks are presented to an invited group of art buyers and art admirers, the other two nights are extra opening nights that is open for everyone.

If there is no exhibition, we have the Thursday-Night-Feature that we organize every first thursday of the month. These features have different themes every month so we advise everyone to come and enjoy the beautiful and captivating artworks that are present in the gallery.


We welcome you to our art gallery guest list should you want to be a part of it.

Please let us know at  info@readytexartgallery.com


Our website customers can also view and buy the pieces of art that are presented during the feature exhibit within three days of the opening night.


We would love to keep you informed on all the events going on. Please subscribe to our newsletter!

Past Event:

Launching Boipili Jewelry (28 Jan 2012 - 11 Feb 2012)

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