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Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event - De Hal
(29 Jun 2011 - 3 Jul 2011)

After a successful comprehensive exhibition in the KKF, Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event is continued with an exhibition of paintings in De Hal at the Grote Combéweg 45, from Wednesday June 29th until Sunday July 3rd. During this exhibition of sellable artwork, Marcel Pinas shows the public yet another side of his artistry. So those who have visited the exhibition in the KKF and think that they have seen all that Pinas has to offer, are very much mistaken and a visit to De Hal will surprise them tremendously! Art lovers and those who know Pinas’ work well, probably have some idea of what’s to come. But regardless, for the longest time after this series of exhibitions is over, the paintings from Marcel Pinas, just like his powerful installations, will remain branded upon the retina and in the memory of viewers from every walk of life. Because the work that Pinas presents in De Hal is quite different in image and form, but the message is just as powerful and the visual imagery is equally stunning. 

The work in the KKF was intended primarily to put the viewer to thinking about the value of culture and the significant role that culture, according to Pinas, can play in triggering growth and development in Marowijne.  The work in the KKF engendered a significant amount of response amongst the public. Many were impressed by the message and the mission of the artist and the creative way in which he managed to visualize those in his installations and objects. At the same time however, people were also stunned by the innovative creativity, the strength and the quality of the art itself. “Art of an international level” is one comment that was often heard, and justly so.

Strength and quality, executed in contemporary form, are indeed distinguishing characteristics that stand out in the work, and certainly also in the paintings, of Marcel Pinas. The theme remains unchanged. At the core is still Kibri a kulturu or Kibii wi koni and symbols and elements from the N’Dyuka culture of the artists’ ancestors are still prominently present. No longer because they are physically and in their original from included in the work, but because here they are artistically portrayed in striking, bright colors upon the flat surface of the canvas. The work still exudes an aura of culture and tradition, but the imagery and the compositions hold an undeniable modern appeal. The graceful shapes of woodcarving patterns in bright intense colors that contrast as well as coordinate, cheerful pangi prints and meaningful Afaka symbols, make of each painting a captivating work of art that radiates strong positive vibes.

It is that cunning combination of seemingly opposite aspects which causes Pinas’ work to intrigue. The traditional is displayed in a contemporary way; the old is intertwined with the new; transformed. The culture of the maroons is the main theme, but the imagery looks modern and is universally appealing.  He chooses for a theme that is important to him, but succeeds in making it important to others as well. Pinas has the heart, the ambition and the motivation that drive him, but as an artist he has an indisputable eye – or is it a sense? - for form and color, space and composition. And that combination make him into the artist he is; an artist who measures up effortlessly to many a well known contemporary artist from wherever in the world. His extensive resumé and worldwide network of admirers easily support this fact. As does also the new book about Pinas that is also available during the exhibition at De Hal: Marcel Pinas; Artist, more than an artist.

Kibii Wi Koni Marcel Pinas The Event is an initiative of the Kibii Foundation and Readytex Art Gallery. It has been made possible by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.
The exhibition is open daily from 19:00 until 21:00 hrs. On Saturday July 2nd, starting from 19:30 hrs, there will be an opportunity to speak with the artist. There will also be a presentation about the Tembe Art Studio-project, an initiative of Marcel Pinas, which has been operating successfully in Moengo for over a year now.

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