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Solo George Struikelblok "Lob mi tu tamara"
(29 Mar 2011 - 3 Apr 2011)

Solo exhibition George Struikelblok Lob’ mi tu tamara

/ DeHal, Grote Combéweg 45/ March 29 t/m April 3


From March 29th to April 3rd Readytex Art Gallery hosts a spectacular solo-exhibition of visual artist George Struikelblok. As is to be expected the artist will present a new collection of his striking signature paintings, but in this exhibition Lob’ mi tu tamara, he gives free reign to his creative urges and creates an entire range of fascinating Works in different techniques, media and materials. George Struikelblok opens his exhibition with a special performance. For Lob’ mi tu tamara he Works with a talented Group of dancers from the Soeki Irodikromo Volksacademie voor Kunst en Cultuur led by Dwight Warsodikromo. On the opening night as well as on Saturday April 2nd the body painted dancers will perform a beautiful choreography of dance and movement in which they will interact with a decor of painted canvases to ultimately portray a number of intriguing three-dimensional paintings. Their movements will be accompanied by the unique sounds of percussionist Bongo Charlie. As is characteristic of the artistic identity of George Struikelblok he also includes a variety of three-dimensional art installations which harbor a strong social message. In Lob’ mi tu tamara, just as in his previous Lob’ makandra shows, the emphasis of his three-dimensional work in particular, lies on children in foster homes. He uses his modern conceptual art installations to confront the viewer with the fate of this lonely, oftentimes neglected Group of children in Suriname. The title speaks for itself. Today, but also tomorrow and in the future we should offer our support to these children. Aid, but also love and attention, from the community, but especially from parents whom, for whatever reasons, they get to see and hear far too little of, are basic human needs that they regrettably have to do without quite often. In the striking paintings the emphasis lies more on love and happiness in more conventional family situations. The human need for love today, tomorrow and beyond, is also the central theme but here the work exudes a more carefree and positive quality, bursting with energy. The typical ‘Struikelblok’ figures playfully and energetically interact against dynamic backgrounds of confidently yet impulsively applied splatters, lines and shapes in a bold color palette. To heighten the effect of the work, Struikelblok hangs some of his paintings on colorful backdrops and shows the public how they can achieve fascinating results with art and color in their own homes as well. Struikelblok also creates other three-dimensional work for the exhibition which he intends for several public locations beyond the premises of De Hal. He wants to show a larger general audience that public art can be much more than just busts and ‘men on pedestals’ and hopes to trigger a new awareness for, and appreciation of art. With his initiatives he also hopes to serve as an impulse to the government and other factors of community so that ultimately art in public spaces will end up playing a much larger role in this country that lends itself perfectly for it. As part of the exhibition the artist places a floating art installation in the creek across from the Maretraite Mall as well as several large mixed media sculptures on the onafhankelijkheidsplein (independence square). Lob’ mi tu tamara is open for the public in De Hal at the Grote Combéweg 45, from Wednesday march 30th until Sunday April 3rd from 19:00 – 21:00 hrs. On Thursday March 31st the artist gives an informal and interactive presentation on his work. On Saturday April 2nd there is a festive finissage at which time the dancers will once again perform the presentation of 3D painting. Sunday April 3rd is the last day of the exhibition. For more information and/or visual material please contact Readytex Art Gallery by Telephone at ++(597) 421750 of via e-mail at info@readytexartgallery.com

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