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Mini feature Henry Soekarman (Soeka) Kartotaroeno
(1 May 2010 - 8 Jun 2010)

Mini feature Henry Soekarman (Soeka) Kartotaroeno
May 1– June 8 2010

On display in the Readytex Art Gallery, in a special mini feature, are the newest creations by the multitalented artist Henry Soekarman Kartotaroeno, better known as Soeka. With his paintings, drawings and watercolors Soeka manages to bring to life the essence and the distinguishing characteristics of typical aspects from Surinamese everyday life.
The work of Henry Soekarman (Soeka) Kartotaroeno is always impressive. His skill is especially evident in the lifelike way he portrays the facial expressions and emotions of his subjects. So although the correct anatomical portrayal of every subject is in and of itself quite admirable, it is the character and personality caught by a grimace or a certain look in the eye, that truly set his work apart. Soeka started his art studies at the Nola Hatterman Instituut, but ultimately ended up honing his skills and natural talent through self study. Today Soeka is an artist well known for his experience in creating realistic black and white portraits and paintings with conté on paper and oils on canvas. The artist prefers to work with a palette reminiscent of charcoal drawings, and is particularly drawn to the faces and animated facial expressions of black people. Soeka is also skilled when it comes to making realistic portraits in color and the artist is furthermore also well known for his charming watercolors and paintings of popular Surinamese buildings in and around the city of Paramaribo.
The collection for this mini feature once again consists of a series of realistic portraits in which especially the facial expressions capture the eye of the public. Now however, Soeka combines his carefully detailed realism with a more abstract impulsiveness throughout the entire composition, which gives the work an unexpected whimsical appearance. Black and white paintings of maroon women performing simple daily tasks, an indigenous elderly man and a happy little girl ready for a swim, are randomly painted over and around in colorful hues of diluted acrylic paint. The striking contrast adds interest to the composition and a whimsical modern touch. The work in this mini feature shows a new side of the artist. Soeka proves that in addition to his serious realism he is also capable of a more playful creativity. Art lovers and fans of the artist should by no means miss out on this unique and different feature of art by Soeka.
The mini feature of Henry Soekarman Kartotaroeno, or rather Soeka, can be visited at the Readytex Art Gallery until the 8th of June 2010.


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Henry, Soekarman Kartotaroeno(Soeka)
Henry Soekarman Kartotaroeno, better known as Soeka presents to the public an art form which not many contemporary artists in Suriname presently employ.
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