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Marcel Pinas nominated Young Global Leader
(3 Mar 2010 - 30 Apr 2010)


Surinamese artist Marcel Pinas nominated Young Global Leader, a recognition of remarkable young leaders by the World Economic Forum in Geneva


Paramaribo, 5 March 2010


On the 27th of January artist Marcel Pinas received the good news. His nomination for Young Global Leaders 2010 was accepted. As of the 3rd of March he may call himself officially Young Global Leader (YGL).


This position is only bestowed on remarkable young leaders who have a global vision, and who have shown through their remarkable contributions and intensive involvement to serve society in a notable manner.


Each year thousands of candidates from the whole world are nominated and judged according to strict selection criteria. From all candidates 200 to 300 of the most striking individuals are selected who will be part of this powerful international community that has the capacity to have a significant influence on our global future. Young Global Leaders comprise some of the most conspicuous leaders from different sectors and from the whole world. Among the other YGLs this year are the artist Wyclef Jean, who made the headlines in the past weeks for his efforts to help the victims in Haiti, Marlene Malahoo Forte, Jamaican Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Swiss Tennis player Roger Federer and Evan Williams, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Internet phenomenon Twitter.


The title is awarded by the World Economic Forum, an international non-profit organization who regularly brings together world leaders from the public and private sectors to discuss important issues and deal with them.


In July 2009 artist Marcel Pinas was nominated by Jennifer Baarn of the World Economic Forum for the Forum of Young Global Leaders. Baarn who knows the work and the international recognition of Marcel Pinas as artist visited together with the artist his birthplace in the District of Marowijne in 2008. Pinas is intensively involved in a project that will significantly improve especially the future of youths in Marowijne. This project includes an art park, a cultural centre and many other plans and initiatives in and around the City of Mungo, which are all based on the power of art and culture to positively influence the life and future perspectives of the population of Marowijne.
Marcel Pinas uses his international art career as a platform for his ambitious plans in the District of Marowijne and at the same time positions his country of birth on the world map. The theme of the art of Marcel Pinas is Kibri A Kulturu (foster/ preserve culture). Through his international activities and exhibitions, which he uses to propagate the unique Maroon culture and simultaneously raises the many problems these communities are faced with, he is building a worldwide network of contacts that are kindly disposed towards his project and provide him with actual support.


In her letter of nomination to the Forum, Jennifer Baarn writes amongst other things: “His activities and impact are full circle, reflecting environmental, cultural, historical, entrepreneurial, leadership social and economic aspects. If this award is about engaging outstanding pioneers with experience around challenges facing our generation and generating creative solutions, I cannot foresee a more appropriate participant than Marcel Pinas.”


In the preparations for his nomination Jennifer Baarn was assisted by the team of Readytex Art Gallery that prepared  the necessary documentation. The nomination was furthermore supported by letters of recommendation from the President of the Republic of Suriname, His Excellency Drs. R.R. Venetiaan, and Willem Jan Schrofer, Director of the State Academy in the Netherlands.


In a letter from the Forum for Young Global Leaders Marcel received on the 27th of  January the good news: “It is with great pleasure that we inform you that you have been honoured as a Young Global Leader (YGL) 2010. This honour is bestowed by the World Economic Forum each year to recognize the most distinguished young leaders nominated below the age of 40 from around the world.
The Selection Committee, composed of the world’s top media leaders and chaired by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, selected you after carefully screening the profiles of thousands young leaders from every region of the world and from a myriad of disciplines and sectors. Your nomination is in recognition of your record of professional accomplishments, your commitment to society and your potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world through your inspiring leadership.”


The network of Young Global Leaders organizes throughout the year regular events including the YGL Top conferences, where the YGLs have the opportunity to meet, exchange ideas and discuss how they will actively direct the future. YGLs form together a unique community that has the potential to significantly influence the life of future generations and that can put forward innovative solutions for global and regional challenges.


It should be noted that Marcel Pinas is one of few artists that have been recognized in the past years as YGL. Possibly Pinas will be able to provide new ideas and impulses from his perspective as artists to the YGL community. With his appointment as Young Global Leader a world of possibilities opens up for  Marcel Pinas.



For more information visit the website of the World Economic Forum (www.weforum.org) and the Young Global Leaders Forum. (www.younggloballeaders.org).


For specific questions relating to Marcel Pinas you can contact Readytex Art Gallery, tel 421750


Refer also to:

YGL Honorees 2010 (PDF, 7 pages, 119 KB)
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Team Readytex Art Gallery


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