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Affordable reproductions of artwork Ron Flu
(29 Oct 2009 - 7 Nov 2009)

Readytex Art Gallery press release:
Affordable reproductions of artwork Ron Flu

At the NK’09 - National Art Fair 2009 in Suriname, the Readytex Art Gallery introduces in cooperation with artist Ron Flu, an interesting project through which she aims to increase the visibility of art by this great artist.. With this new project the gallery presents to the public a collection of beautiful reproductions on high quality art paper of a selection of twelve memorable paintings, from the series of street scenes by Ron Flu.

The unique artwork of Ron Flu has played an essential role in the Surinamese art world of the last 40 years. From a young boy in Singapore and Java with sketchbooks filled with war scenes to a teenager in the Netherlands touched by the wajang culture he had seen in Indonesia, and an artistic young man drawing countless comic book figures. As self-taught artist in Suriname, Ron Flu steadily developed into a highly recognizable and much appreciated art master. His current role in the Surinamese art scene is of significant importance. In the famous oil paintings brimming with character, particularly the expressive, caricature-like facial expressions, the telling body language and the fetching portrayal of current themes and subjects, make a significant impression on the Surinamese public. Many an art lover awaits the next creation from the hands of this well-known artist, with great anticipation. Which theme will he choose for his next painting, and especially: how? A current political issue, a subject critical of the social structure, simply a beautiful woman or a festive dance scene? And which emotions will the work inspire? While one painting may bring a laugh, the other might seem quite glum and others again are a striking reflection of thoughts and emotions that live in Surinamese society at a particular moment in time.

The reproductions measure (including white border) 21 cm x 25 cm and are printed on 230 gram fine art natural paper. The price per print is SRD 25, - (exclusive of frame). Other than the first twelve prints presented at the National Art Fair, more prints from the entire oeuvre of Ron Flu can be ordered out of an album.

With this reproduction project, to which in the near future also works from other artists will be added, Readytex Art Gallery hopes to give valuable pieces of art more visibility and above all, aims to make art available to much wider public. The daily enjoyment of a beautiful work of art thus becomes possible for everyone. Also of significant importance: the more often a work of art is (responsibly) publicized, the more well-known it becomes, locally and internationally, which will ultimately cause the value of the original work to increase. So with these reproduction projects the Readytex Art Gallery also intends to create added value possibilities for the owners of original art.

Note: the copyrights of a work of art at all times remain in possession of the artists, even if the original work has been sold.

For more information about this project please contact Readytex Art Gallery. Phone number 421750.


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Ron Flu
Ron Flu’s works are majestic caricatures, a dramatic, realistic, expressive and ironic social protest for Surinamese situations in bright colored oil paintings.
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