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Double feature: Marcel Pinas and Sri Irodikromo
(15 Jul 2009 - 25 Jul 2009)

Double Feature: Marcel Pinas and Sri Irodikromo

The Readytex Art Gallery treats her public to a most memorable double-feature with new pieces of art by artists Marcel Pinas and Sri Irodikromo. Two separate collections by two artists with each a very distinctive and very unique artistic style. Incidentally however, they each consequently choose a strikingly bright color palette, regularly use pangi textiles and work from a strong culturally inspired theme. Overall, this special mini-feature presents two totally different artistic identities in two notable and remarkable art collections.
The paintings by Marcel Pinas are powerful, colorful compositions in which the combined use of pangi textiles and traditional signs and symbols in bright contrasting tones of acrylic paint, reinforce the theme and heighten the visual impact of the work. Because of their cultural significance pangi textiles, just like the ancient Afaka symbols and the traditional woodcarving patterns, play an important role in Pinas’ art. Whether he incorporates these materials and elements in his public art installations throughout Suriname, in his magnificent installations at exhibitions throughout Europe, or in his colorful paintings, this is consciously or subconsciously determined by the artist at the moment of creation. Whatever the choice entails though, the work of Marcel Pinas always stands out because of the undeniable visual effect of his bold color choices and the strikingly confident compositions. Characteristic elements from his N’djuka heritage emphasize his message of kibri a kulturu (preserve the culture) as well as the beauty of the traditional maroon art and culture. Large white canvases decorated with only brightly colored Afaka symbols or colorful compositions which incorporate surprising elements such as the popular Surinamese version of hopscotch –djompo foetoe- and bold checkered pieces of pangi textiles; the message is clear. We, the people of Suriname, need to better appreciate our own traditional cultures and need to protect them from decline and from the threat of extinction.
Equally so, does the work by artist Sri Irodikromo always manage to fascinate the public. Typical aspects from Surinamese culture are also extremely important for Sri and pangi textiles are also regularly incorporated in her art. These, together with batik textiles, traditional symbols, embroidery and stenciling techniques typically characterize the artwork of this artist. The Surinamese woman attired in traditional koto clothing takes up an important place in the work at this mini-feature. This was also the case in her previous collections, but this time around the artist has portrayed her subjects from closer up. Large close-up compositions of beautiful Surinamese women in colorful checkered koto’s and angisa’s dominate the collection, while also women from other cultural backgrounds are beautifully portrayed on smaller canvases. The painstaking attention for detail and the capacity to portray also the grace, the elegance and in certain cases also the sensuality of women, are as always a treat to the eye. Other than the details, the bright colors and the skillful combination of several art techniques, another memorable feature in this collection are the faces of the women. Although they are not painted in sharply defined detail, the real and lifelike quality is undeniably striking.
Two remarkable Surinamese artists, each actively involved in the local art scene on several levels and both with successful and promising art careers, simultaneously present their latest work to the public. The mini-feature will be on display in the Readytex Art Gallery from July 15 until July 25, 2009

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