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Rene Tosari solo exhibit "Dicht bij de oorsprong"
(23 Mar 2010 - 27 Mar 2010)

On the 23rd of March the Readytex Art Gallery gladly welcomes her guests for a spectacular art exhibition in the new art hall at the Grote Combéweg 45. In this new multifunctional space the gallery launches this, her first large solo exhibition for this year. This exhibition, named Dicht bij de oorsprong (close to the origins), displays the most recent works of art by artist René Tosari. The well known style and technique of Tosari are easily recognized in the collection, but the theme and the corresponding symbolism are a new development.
The theme in and of itself evolves completely around symbols. René Tosari has recently taken up an interest in the signs and symbols from old original communities from all over the World. In his research he goes all the way back to the origins of mankind, to the origins of human artistic expressiveness in all its fascinating diversity. He combines these mostly abstract signs and symbols from different times and different cultures with elements from his own artistic signature, and creates compositions which express their own universal visual language. Against the colorful, textured background which the artist is quite famous for, the ancient and primitive symbolism forms an interesting contrast.
Ancient African rock-drawings, symbols from Indian mythology and signs from Asian philosophy. The link with nature also stands out in much of the symbols. This is to be expected however, because in ancient times the myths and the entire way of life of those first humans evolved solely and irrevocably around nature. But the use of symbolism in the art of Tosari goes beyond this. His own signature visual imagery is also clearly present. The hummingbird which because of its role in cross-pollination plays a significant role in this context as well, whole or parts of human faces which seem to cautiously take in the spectacle, but also the familiar maripaboto. A spade, a cow and other signs which are reminiscent of work from the Waka Tjopu-period in the career of Tosari. But other typical elements from the artist’s signature are also present, such as the thicker lines that outline and/or mark off figures and shapes. The compositions themselves also contain some symbolic significance. In some of the work the artist has unawares achieved a convergence, a joining, or call it simply a coming together of sorts. Circles or spiral shapes, totems or branches which originate from different positions, meld together at a certain point. “Unity in diversity”, “diversity is power …”. All statements which the artist often pronounces while explaining the art in this collection, because from them his inspiration also took shape. They co-determine the strength of the work. And then it is the strength of the artist’s skill which makes such a great diversity of elements, signs and symbols, old and new, foreign and familiar meld together in compositions that reflect a modern unity. The artist himself explains his work as follows: “It has become a contemplation of diverse elements, from the origins and the present, united in one universal spectacle.”
Dicht bij de oorsprong; the theme and the collection originated in the Netherlands, but here in Suriname, in his childhood home in Commewijne, close to his origins, he really came into his own and completed the final collection for this exhibition.
On March 25th around 7:30 pm at the exhibition there will be a conversation with the artist in which he will elaborate upon his work. On March 27th the exhibition will be concluded in a relaxed atmosphere with live music.
For more information and images please contact Readytex Art Gallery. Phone number: 421750.

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Rene Tosari
Paintings by René Tosari are often recognized for their unique texture, achieved by his combined use of acrylic and oil paints on his canvases. He is also well-known for his socially engaged graphical prints and paintings.
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