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Inspiration, solo exhibit Kenneth Flijders
(13 Oct 2009 - 27 Oct 2009)

Opening in the Readytex Art Gallery on October 13th, is Inspiration, the third solo-exhibition in the gallery for this year. In Inspiration artist Kenneth Flijders presents to the public a highly varied collection of paintings, works on paper and a surprising pair of sculptures. There no one single identifiable theme in the collection, but the signature Flijders-style and preference for subjects such as Surinamese forest sceneries and other natural landscapes, as well as cultural manifestations out of everyday Surinamese life, are recognizable in the work. Abstract works in which the artist gives free reign to his expressiveness are also part of the collection in Inspiration. In acrylics the artist paints spectacular landscapes inspired by the pristine tropical scenery in his own country, but also his memories of the beautiful Blue Mountain in Jamaica find their way onto the canvas. The atmosphere emanating from the landscapes is almost tangible and inspires a sense of peace. For Kenneth Flijders there is inspiration in everything around him; in his own daily surroundings, the beauty of nature, memories from the past and the cultural wealth of Suriname. Thus the title Inspiration. Inspiration for Kenneth Flijders can also be expressed in more abstract form. Not every work of art is realistic, but some are more figurative, in some the shapes are more freely interpreted and sometimes totally abstract compositions symbolize a specific train of thought. One example is a work on paper named every drop creates us, where multiple drops of mahogany extract represent many separate elements, joined together to make a whole. This mahogany extract, an invention of Flijders himself, is a material in which he experiments more and more lately. In the exhibition there is even a large landscape on canvas painted almost completely with this new medium. His love for Surinamese culture and the different expressions thereof are brought to life in a series of colorful paintings. Carefree outdoor celebrations and gatherings, the lively hustle and bustle at the market, as well as colorful kotomisiís are portrayed on canvas with great character. Not always does Flijders choose to work on the traditional surface of canvas. The artist has a special affinity for the old and historical, and this often shows in his work. Shutters and doors from old deserted or condemned wooden buildings are often rescued by him and transformed into unique painted art objects which, aside from their artistic value, also possess a valuable historic quality. The collection at the exhibition also shows a variety of works on paper and two unique mahogany sculptures. In a seemingly irrelevant piece of waste (remnants of a pruned mahogany tree) the observant eye of the artist recognized the foundation for two separate creations; large, though realistic and delectable looking, slices of watermelon and pumpkin. The collection of artworks in Inspiration, just like the actual sources of inspiration of Kenneth Flijders, is highly varied and multifaceted. The artist is creative, inventive, and eager to experiment with a multitude of materials and techniques. As a professional artist however, he is also discerning and self critical, and gives great attention to image and composition. ďAs long as Iím not 100% satisfied about every aspect of my work, it doesnít leave my homeĒ, says Flijders. This is clearly visible in the work, but itís the positive atmosphere and the warmth emanating from his art, which has the greatest impact


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Kenneth Flijders
Flijders has a recognizable expressiveness in silhouettes and contours, which sometimes results in a mysterious effect in his creations
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