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Mini Feature: George Struikelblok
(15 Apr 2008 - 13 May 2008)

Mini Feature: George Struikelblok

This April of 2008, the Readytex Art Gallery once again invites all art lovers to a special mini feature in the main hall of her charming upstairs space in the Maagden straat. The special feature this time in the gallery introduces some spectacular new pieces of art by the well known Surinamese artist George Struikelblok.

In the past years George Struikelblok has managed to become quite well known locally as well as internationally, for his expressive and emotional works of art. This is not surprising however, because this young ambitious artist is constantly active and on the look out for new opportunities to increase his skills and further his career. As a result the last few years have seen a number of memorable milestones for George Struikelblok among which the opening of his own private atelier and gallery, a work/study residency at Duende in Rotterdam and most recently, his current stay at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. At the latter art institute, George Struikelblok is presently involved with a special four month project in which he is further researching three dimensional and spatial art designs.

Most popular from this artist are the emotional paintings in which the artist expresses his emotions regarding the death of his father even before his own birth and his subsequent search for a line of communication between life and death. With predominantly abstract figures in striking colors the artist puts to the canvas his emotions with regards to his father, but lately other aspects in his life such as his own family are also of great influence to his art.
This mini feature treats the public to a wonderful preview of the newest productions by George Struikelblok in which a new development and personal growth can be clearly identified.
The artist currently experiments with extremely bright, almost neon colors and although the figures are steadily becoming more abstract, there is a heightened sense of flow and movement to the compositions.
The work is no longer as strictly defined and seems less focused on the emotions of loneliness and desperation. With their new multi-headed appearance and flowing sense of movement, the overpowering emotion is now more one of togetherness and optimism.

Painting is not the artist’s sole occupation however, and much of his creative energies are spent on spatial, three-dimensional art installations which he creates out of a variety of materials such as foam, plaster and other miscellaneous finds. Art installations dominated by the presence of plaster hands for example, are a new experiment and the result of intensive research by the artist on burial and funeral traditions amongst different cultures. This new concentration on three dimensional art is becoming significantly more important in Struikelblok’s art career and is also the focus of his recent and current work/study residences at the art institutions of Duende and the Rijksacademie in the Netherlands. “Land art” in particular is a special area of interest during his stay at the Rijksacademie and most of his time there will be spent researching styles, materials and techniques for this form of art in public spaces. George Struikelblok aims to continue this interest once he returns to Suriname and hopes to provide the entire Surinamese public with more unique art structures in open, generally accessible locations around the country.
The already successful art career of this ambitious artist shows even more potential and promise, and the Surinamese public is curious what the results will be of his new ventures and research abroad. In the meantime however, she can comfortably enjoy the colorful and emotional new paintings by George Struikelblok in the main hall of the Readytex Art Gallery during this latest special feature.

This Mini Feature on recent art by George Struikelblok in the Readytex Art Gallery can be visited during the month of April. The Readytex Art Gallery is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am until 16:30 pm and on Saturday’s from 8:30 am until 13:30 pm. The Readytex Art Gallery is located on the Maagden straat 44 upstairs, in the Readytex department store building.

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George Struikelblok
George Struikelblok’s work is impressive and emotional.  He uses acryl mixed with oil paint in earthly colors and pastels mostly on canvases of at least one by one meter ...
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