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Misschien ....... Kurt Nahar
(4 Mar 2008 - 25 Mar 2008)

“Misschien” – (“Maybe”)
Solo exhibition and presentation of the mini catalogue on the work of

Refreshingly modern, colorful and intense, but at the same time also very different and daring and some times even shocking; such is the work in the latest solo exhibition on artist Kurt Nahar at the Readytex Art Gallery. Many an adjective will undoubtedly be ascribed to the work of this young artist, but no matter what personal opinion on his controversial methods may be, his work exhibits a great measure of competence and skillful use of symbolism which serves to relay a deeper message.

This first solo exhibition of artist Kurt Nahar named, “Misschien….”(Maybe….), is a perfect example of modern, liberal art by an artist who does not follow popular trends in the art world, but instead creates his own unique style and mode of expression. In his young art career of approximately 10 years now, Kurt Nahar has gained quite a reputation in Suriname for his controversial and dramatic art installations and multimedia paintings, with which he has exposed a large part of the general public to a previously unfamiliar art form. For those familiar with his work and the motivation behind it, this reputation is decidedly positive, but for those who do not know the artist and his theme or purpose, incomprehension is still the main reaction.
From March 5th until March 19th of 2008 in the Readytex Art Gallery, the public will finally be given the opportunity to make the acquaintance of this ambitious young artist and his much-discussed work of art.

The exhibition contains a series of daring and provocative three dimensional art installations, mixed media paintings on hardboard and paper, and incorporated into all of these works of art, the artist also displays his poetic talent. His poetry is often, but not always, related to specific works of art and just like his visual art, his poems are absolutely unique, daring and quite modern. No perfect and pretty poetic rhyme or reason, but strong, confrontational and sometimes even explicit expressiveness, meant to challenge the viewer and reader to deeper thought and discussion. At the opening of this exhibition the public will also be presented with the mini catalogue “Misschien….” which contains a short but striking summary of the art, poetry and the motivation behind the work of the artist Kurt Nahar.

Kurt Nahar always uses a combination of several techniques and materials, and currently gets most of his inspiration from Dadaism, a style dating from the First World War (this is also the reason why the word da da appears so often in his art). The Dada movement was originally born out of protest against modern worldly culture and out of disgust for and rebellion against the war and its bloody progress. The use of simple objects, collage techniques and the deliberate use of shocking and provoking methods in the art of Kurt Nahar, are all inspired by his affinity and admiration for Dadaism. Simple objects from daily life gain new purpose and meaning as art objects and bright hues of boldly applied acrylic paint in combination with graphic collage material, creates pieces of art with fascinating contrast effects.
The artist uses his art to seek attention for a number of social and political circumstances in his home country and hopes to stimulate discussion on those subjects which people are hesitant to discuss. The work is undoubtedly unique, contemporary and purposely confrontational in order stimulate the consciousness of his public. For those who look beyond the provoking symbolism in his work, the artist’s preoccupation with subjects such as the precarious situation of legal and human rights, sexual promiscuity and moral decay, political and ethnic dissension as well as the thoughtless lust amongst the general public for all that the modern western world has to offer, soon becomes obvious.

This one of a kind exhibition is open to the public from March 5th until March 25th during the regular opening hours of the Readytex Art Gallery. These are from Monday thru Friday from. 8:00 am - 4:30 pm and on Saturdays from 8:30 am - 1:30 pm. The Readytex Art Gallery is located on the Maagden straat 44 upstairs, in the Readytex department store.

Just maybe … you as well, will give the subject matter of the work in this new art collection some deeper consideration,


see more pictures of the opening night at www.partypixsuriname.com



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Kurt Nahar
In his bold and often confrontational art, Kurt Nahar addresses controversial social and political issues, locally and globally. Simple objects, collage techniques and a creative use of words, are characteristic to his art.
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