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Update on Marcel Pinas
(26 Dec 2007 - 27 Jan 2008)

Marcel Pinas – Art Career on a roll!!!

Marcel Pinas is currently one of Suriname’s most ambitious and well known contemporary artists. Born in 1971 in Pelgrim Kondre, a village in the Surinamese district of Marowijne, young Marcel realized at a young age that he had a special talent and passion for art. At the age of 15 he started his art education at theNola Hatterman Institute in Paramaribo and in 1997 he went on to study at the Edna Manley College for Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica, and in 2005 he started an Artist in Residence period at the Vermont Art Center in de USA. The artist is still continuously searching for opportunities to increase his skill and experience in the art world and he is currently enrolled at the “Rijksacademie” in Amsterdam, the Netherlands for another Artist in Residence period which he started in January of 2007.

From an artist first well known for his charming watercolors of typical Surinamese wooden houses, Marcel Pinas has grown into a dynamic artist who, particularly after his study period at Edna Manley College for Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica (1997 – 1999), became famous for his colorful, culturally inspired paintings and installations. With his main theme of “Kibri A Kulturu, which pleads for the preservation and protection of the valuable cultural traditions and elements of the Surinamese Maroon tribes, the artist has managed to become well known worldwide, even to the extent that in 2006 a Catalogue named “Kibri A Kulturu” was published on the life and work of Marcel Pinas.

In the meantime art from Marcel has impressed art lovers in not just Suriname, but also in other countries worldwide. He was commissioned to build a permanent installation in the Dutch Tropen Museum called “Reconnecting Africa”, he is regularly invited to participate in exhibitions in famous Museums in different metropolitan cities while at the same time his work has become part of art collections of many prominent art collectors.
His powerful paintings rich in color and culture which are exhibited and sold in Suriname at the Readytex Art Gallery never stay in the Gallery for very long. This attests to the fact that art from this temperamental artist is well appreciated not only by foreigners, but by the Surinamese public as well.

The art career of Marcel Pinas is definitely on a roll and the artists’ calendar is fully booked the whole year through with activities and exhibitions in different places around the world. While Marcel started a 2 year Artist in Residence period at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam in January of 2007, this same year has been filled with many other activities while many others are still on schedule for the remainder of the year.
Earlier this year Marcel was invited to give solo exhibitions in for example Ibiza, Spain and at Herman Krikhaar in Sallernes, France and he traveled to Kameroen in Africa in relation to his installation Reconnecting Africa in the Tropen Museum in Holland. In Holland he also gave a workshop in the Nola Hatterman Gallery in Amsterdam and the “Oso Sma Kunstproject” (Home Folk Art Project) in the Bijlmer.
The artist briefly returned to Suriname in August for the birth of his youngest son and during this period he also completed his work on the Monument in commemoration of the Moiwana massacre, which will be unveiled and handed over to the surviving relatives, by the State of Suriname on the 29th of November.
In this same period Marcel also traveled to New York where he was invited to participate in the exhibit “Infinite Island - Contemporary Caribbean Art” at the Brooklyn Museum.
Upon his return to Holland to continue his Artist in Residence period, another busy schedule awaited Marcel. In September he participated in “Art Move” a group exhibition in the “Oude Kerk” in Amsterdam where he presented a dramatic three-dimensional installation consisting of among other things hammocks in black and white, symbolizing the threat towards extinction of the valuable Surinamese Maroon Culture. In October the artist gave a solo exhibition in the “Artlease” Gallery in Utrecht and in the beginning of November he had another solo exhibition, a bit closer to home this time, in St Laurent, French Guyana.
As a part of his Residency at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam, Marcel will be participating in an “Open Atelier” exhibition at the Academy on the 30th of November which will be visited by all prominent Art Gallery’s and Museums from Europe. In December he will close off the year with his participation in the “Latitudes 2007” exhibition in Paris. Last year in 2006 was his first time as a participant of the famous Latitudes exhibition in Paris and this year, for the sixth Latitudes exhibition where only the best artists of the previous five years were selected to participate, Marcel was once again chosen and invited to be a part of “Latitudes 2007”.

Marcel Pinas is already busily planning his activities for 2008. He already has an exhibition in the South of France on schedule and here in Suriname he will be finishing his Afaka monument at Abadoe Kondre. In the next year Marcel will concentrate on new materials and he plans to travel to different Asian countries to expand his vision and subsequently pass on his new knowledge in Suriname.
In 2009 Marcel Pinas will be back in Suriname with the ambitious plan to turn the district of Marowijne into the art district of Suriname.

Our Marcel is unstoppable! However famous he becomes and however far his worldly travels take him from Suriname, he never forgets his own country. Quite to the contrary in fact, for it is still his own country and culture which he portrays and represents with his art in countries all around the world. Suriname is and will always remain his home and the longing for his family and own familiar surroundings, lure Marcel Pinas back to his home country on a regular basis.
The theme of “Kibri a Kulturu” remains his mission and with his ambitious nature and progressive work methods he has managed to share this priceless message with an ever increasing public, nationally as well as internationally.


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