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Reinier Asmoredjo "Sranan Kloru"
(17 Oct 2007 - 27 Oct 2007)


A solo exhibition by: Reinier Asmoredjo


Welcome to “Sranang Kloru” the latest solo exhibition by visual artist Reinier Asmoredjo in the Readytex Art Gallery! With his new exhibition this well known Surinamese artist once again manages to present art lovers to a prime collection of fine art.

Brilliant colors and seductive curves, in subject as well as in composition are the basic elements in this outstanding collection of artworks. With a total selection of approximately 30 paintings of acrylic paint on canvas and paper as well as 10 beautifully painted vases, “Sranang Kloru” is an exhibition well worthy of our colorful and varied Surinamese identity.


Reinier Asmoredjo has always been well known for his inherent fondness for and fascination with women and once again women are the dominant theme of this collection. The artist’s obsession with women however, is not based solely on the obvious external beauty, but more importantly, the nude or partially nude women in the paintings of Asmoredjo symbolize fertility. His preoccupation with women also stems from the great respect the artist has for the hardworking Suriname mothers who despite all the difficult economic and social circumstances in the country, still manage through hard work and great personal sacrifice, to take care of and feed their families. It is these normal, hardworking women that Asmoredjo wishes to honor with this exhibition and the majority of the work in the collection is therefore concentrated around the theme of the typical Surinamese woman at work or during traditional, cultural activities.

Other than women, also birds, which for the artist symbolize freedom, fish and even masks are regularly appearing subjects in the colorful collection for the exhibit “Sranang Kloru”. Quite striking amidst the collection are four large mesmerizing paintings as well as a beautiful large frame consisting of four separate paintings which combine to form one image.


Characteristic of art by Reinier Asmoredjo and once again dominantly present in this collection, is the abstract use of circles in for example the curves of the female shape, the tropical fruit which they sell and the warm Surinamese sun. The repetitive use of circles often symbolizing the sun and the eternal cycle of life has special significance in the whole of this exhibition. The sun is an essential source of energy and a positive force which gives us hope and keeps us motivated to work towards a better future. This symbolic significance and the colorful and cheerful visual material in his work are convincing evidence of the positive philosophy of life which Reinier Asmoredjo has made his own.

In this exhibition circles have become even more important than in the previous work by Asmoredjo. The philosophy behind the use of circles remains the same but the physical appearance of circles has expanded more towards the background and circles have now become an integral part of the composition. This renewed effort with regards to the utilization of the background and the strengthening of the composition, has provided the paintings in this exhibition with an increased level of depth and substance.


The art in the collection “Sranang Kloru” brings to life the beauty and the strength of our varied Surinamese ethnic and cultural backgrounds in a seductive and colorful way. It is a lively reflection of our colorful beauty, a worthy tribute to the willpower and the perseverance of our women and without a doubt a reconfirmation of the creativity and skill of Reinier Asmoredjo.


With this new exhibition where the meeting and the convergence of a multitude of bright and lively colors is clearly present in every piece, the artist hopes to portray the unity which we all, each with our own unique ethnic and cultural tints, need to form with each other.

Take the time to enjoy “Sranang Kloru”, and allow yourself to be seduced by the enticing curves, the striking colors and fascinating compositions in the newest art collection by Reinier Asmoredjo!



Team Readytex Art Gallery


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Reinier Asmoredjo
Reinier Asmoredjo’s greatest source of inspiration is the cycle of life, with women playing a key role therein. Of special significance and strong symbolic meaning in most of his compositions are circles, often represented in the sun, fruit, or the female form.

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