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Humphrey Tawjoeram: "New Impressions" 2007
(26 Mar 2007 - 7 Apr 2007)

“Nieuwe Impressies ” – “New Impressions”
An exhibition by artist Humphrey Tawjoeram

Readytex Art Gallery kindly welcomes you to the exhibition “New Impressions” by Surinamese artist Humphrey Tawjoeram.
The artist previously well known for his unique style of primarily abstract, often geometrical shapes in grey and other muted hues will delight visitors with an art collection in which he exposes a new side of himself.
Realistic and figurative images have not been a part of Tawjoerams art expressions for a long time but according to the artist, the past few years have brought with them the increasing urge to give new direction to his art.
For the collection in “New Impressions”, the added elements of color and culture have given new life to the art of this experienced artist.
Art lovers familiar with the previous art of Humphrey Tawjoeram, will be pleasantly surprised by the new works of art at this exhibition.

Art work by Tawjoeram has always been unique in the Surinamese art world, but the artist has decided to experiment with objects and elements originating from impressions obtained from his immediate surroundings.
Out of these experiments a fascinating collection was born, where the focus for once was also on the realistic and figurative. Indigenous culture, in particular the traditional clothing of his Indian ancestors is artistically portrayed in the current art of Humphrey Tawjoeram.
Remarkable in this collection are the use of bright colors such as red, yellow and orange and also the new painting technique used by the artist. While his preferred working method was generally by thick application of paint with the pallet knife, the paint brush has taken new predominance in his work. The acrylic paint is applied to the canvas almost transparently, creating the same visual effect as a watercolor painting.
Despite the new content and technique used in this collection, the unique style and artistic signature of Humphrey Tawjoeram are still obviously present. Abstract shapes and his familiar color schemes can still be detected in most of the artwork at the exhibition and there are only a few pieces that totally surprise.
One of those is a large canvas portraying a group of native Indian women performing a traditional dance.

The artwork at the exhibition consists of several large acrylic paintings on canvas and of a series of smaller mixed media works on paper.
Watercolors, acrylics and pen are used to create pieces of art in which elements and objects of native Indian culture are skillfully and artistically portrayed.
With his exhibition “New Impressions” Humphrey Tawjoeram reasserts his skill as an artist and reveals to his audience a new versatility.

The Readytex Art Gallery Team guarantees every visitor an unforgettable viewing experience during their visit to “New Impressions” the exhibition of an artist who is undoubtedly deserving of a spot in the international art world.

Birth Date
August 27, 1964

Birth Place
Para, Suriname

- Mulo A Drawing lessons
- Course in didactic art education
- Nola Hatterman Institute
- Ceramics course
- Edna Manley School of Art, Jamaica

Work experience
- Nola Hatterman Institute, Suriname:
Supervisor for youth art course
Supervisor for the subjects perspective, fantasy, knowledge of materials and decoration
- Wall paintings in group context at Bersaba and Diakonessen hospital, Suriname

2006  Kunst, Koffie en een Koekje, Readytex Art Gallery, Suriname
2006  Holland Art Fair, Nederland
2005  Open House Exhibition, Readytex Art Gallery, Suriname
2005  National Art Fair (NKB), Suriname
1999  Ons Erf graduation exhibit Edna Manley School of Art, Suriname
1988 - 1999 National Art Fair, Suriname
1997  Growing Art ( Art 2000 Sur. Museum), Suriname
1996  Wan Kofu Surinaams museum, Suriname
1995  Carifesta VI, Trinidad
1987 – 1991 Several exhibitions in Frans-Guyana


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Humphrey Tawjoeram
Humphrey Tawjoeram offers very little explanation about his work. He only comments that he expresses his emotions best when he makes abstracts, and that a kind of tension is important in his work.
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