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George Struikelblok "Adarsh"
(9 Oct 2006 - 21 Oct 2006)

“ADARSH”- George Struikelblok

Welcome to the exhibition “Adarsh” by well-known artist George Struikelblok. George Struikelblok is a successful Surinamese artist who has achieved a well deserved international reputation for his talented and emotional art expressions.
Solo exhibitions are nothing new to this experienced artist but this exhibition has special meaning for George Struikelblok. The artist has dedicated this exhibition to the birth of his son Adarsh, who was born on September 4th of this year. At the same time it is also a special occasion because on the opening night at the Readytex Art Gallery, the opening will be announced of “Atelier Struikelblok”, and the exhibit of “Adarsh” will be held at both locations simultaneously. The opening of his own atelier is an important milestone in the career of George Struikelblok, and art lovers will now be able to enjoy the art of this talented artist in the Readytex Art Gallery as well as in Atelier Struikelblok. The atelier is located at the Amsoi Street 49, and will be open daily for extended hours.

The title of this exhibition, “Adarsh” which means: ideal, perfect or that which is imagined to be the best, says a lot about the feelings of the artist with regards to his new son and his new works of art. Joy, love and family unity have thus had great influence on the recent work of this dedicated artist.
Whereas in the past the theme of the art from George Struikelblok was focused primarily on love and death in relation to his deceased father, in his new work as well as in his life more positive influences are starting to take over.
His work is still very recognizable as George Struikelblok, but the main theme of his art and the composition of his paintings are showing a new trend. In his oil and acrylic paintings the artist now spends more attention on the background than ever before, which lends more depth to the paintings and greater dynamics. The background is painted in bright colors and geometric shapes which, depending on the colors used, are a reflection of the good and bad moments in the artist’s life.
The famous human figures in the art of George Struikelblok are still very much in the foreground but they have become somewhat simplified and more and more abstract. As before these figures often represent members of his family, himself or the father he has never known.
According to the artist the feelings of loss and love for his deceased father, will to some extent always be of influence on his work. This is evident in some of the pieces in this exhibition as well as in an impressive art installation on display in the Readytex Art Gallery, where death is very obviously the main theme.

At this exhibition George Struikelblok once again proves his great skill and talent with a colorful assortment of small, large and mega sized paintings as well a charming collection of painted ceramic plates.
“Adarsh” is a must see for the entire public and for all art lovers in particular

text:  Cassandra Gummels

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