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Presentation of Catalogue Marcel Pinas
(5 Aug 2006 - 16 Aug 2006)

Catalogue “Kibri a Kulturu” Marcel Pinas

“Kibri a Kulturu”, preserve the culture, is the title as well as the life and work mission of visual artist Marcel Pinas.
This catalogue is a well deserved milestone in the still relatively short but very impressive career of this young ambitious Surinamese Artist.
The catalogue was initiated by Vincent Vlasblom, a Dutch art lover and promoter whom after visiting Suriname last year and meeting with Marcel Pinas, was so impressed by his work that he offered to produce a catalogue about the artist. Upon agreement with Marcel, work on the catalogue was started and the result is “Kibri a Kulturu” a wonderfully illustrated catalogue about the art and career of Marcel Pinas. The text for the catalogue was written by Marieke Visser.

Marcel Pinas started his art studies at the Nola Hatterman Art Institute in Suriname and in 1997 he received a scholarship from the Surinamese government to study at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts in Jamaica, where he made quite an impression. After the graduation exhibition in Jamaica in 1999 he was awarded “Top student of the 1999 graduating class”.
In the period preceding his study in Jamaica Marcel Pinas was best known for his charming watercolors of typical Surinamese wooden houses. During and after his period in Jamaica Marcel Pinas has been largely motivated by a subject close and dear to his heart. This subject is the preservation and protection of the maroon culture in Suriname. Art from Marcel Pinas is now highly recognizable by his use of objects and symbols originating from the N’Dyuka maroon tribe from which the artist himself is also a descendant.
In his mixed media paintings and other art installations, you will often find for example, pieces of panyi material, woodcarving fragments and designs, symbols out of the Afaka script and many other artifacts originating from his own cultural background.
The artistic expressions from Marcel Pinas have become quite multifaceted and the artist is known worldwide for not only his paintings, but also for his decorated boat- and woodcarving fragments, totem poles and life sized art installations. With these modern art installations in public places such as the “Moved Wind Art” installation in Germany (part of a competition for which he won first prize) and the “Kokolampu” installation, the “Memre Moiwana” art project and the “Totem pole” installation in Suriname, the artist wants to ensure the availability of modern art to the entire community.
With his art Marcel Pinas hopes to create a lasting record of the lifestyle and traditions of the Maroons. He aims to increase awareness within the community on this subject, and thus hopes to make his own contribution to the preservation of his cultural heritage.

In the past few years we at the Readytex Art Gallery have been privileged to witness the dynamic growth of Marcel Pinas as an artist from up close. As a Gallery we have proudly contributed to the promotion of the artist and his work and it is with great pleasure that we host the presentation of the Catalogue “Kibri a Kulturu” in our gallery on this momentous occasion.
The publication of this catalogue is undoubtedly an important milestone in the art career of Marcel Pinas, but it is a predetermined fact that many more milestones and accomplishments can be expected from this artist.
Marcel Pinas is already busily occupied with the preparation of several new plans and projects, and we at the Readytex Art Gallery eagerly anticipate the promising future of Marcel Pinas!!!!

(text by Cassandra Gummels)

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