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Thursday Night Feature with Shaundell Horton
(5 Sep 2019 - 28 Sep 2019)

Thursday-Night-Feature September 5th:

Shaundell Horton, from nostalgia to abstraction


On September 5th Readytex Art Gallery once again presents a new Thursday-Night-Feature (TNF). In the limelight this time around is visual artist Shaundell Horton, who will present the artworks that she has been working on in the recent period. Up until now the work of Shaundell is mostly recognizable because of her collage techniques with among other things used teabags and items referring to her birth country Guyana.

Shaundell chose the materials and colors because of the feelings of peace, warmth and nostalgia that they evoke within her. Gradually, the need to visualize her bond with her country of birth is replaced by the urge to take on a new challenge, to experiment. This is clearly evident in the work displayed at this TNF and the imagery in the collection is indeed quite varied.

In some of the works the teabags are still present and serve as a background for faces with strong expressions. Or for images of nature featuring one central human figure, inspired by current environmental issues. In the subsequent works the imagery becomes increasingly abstract. The shapes, colors and subject matter are no longer tied to a specific theme and experimentation is clearly the dominant factor. And we get to see a different side of Shaundell.

We invite you to come and witness these developments in the work of Shaundell Horton for yourself. You are welcome to join us and the artist in Readytex Art Gallery on Thursday September 5th, between 7:00 and 9:00 pm.

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Featured artist(s)

Shaundell Horton
In her art Shaundell Horton, to whom Suriname is currently home, often references her country of birth, Guyana. She does this by incorporating subtle nostalgic elements such as used teabags to the backgrounds of her work.

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