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TNF May 3th with Heike Tjepkema
(3 May 2018 - 3 May 2018)

A presentation by artist Heike Tjepkema about her future project with René Tosari and about her own work and book.

We are happy to invite you to our 5th Thursday-Night-Feature for this year, on Thursday May 3rd. On this evening you will be able to enjoy a presentation of Heike Tjepkema, a guest artist from the Netherlands, introduced to us by artist René Tosari, with whom she is working on a joint project for the near future.

Heike Tjepkema lives and works in Amsterdam, Senegal and Gambia. She makes art installations, videos and animations. The environment plays an important role in her work. The artist is currently in Suriname to, among other things, do research for her future project with René Tosari and to create work. She has a longstanding relationship with René and in 2014 the two made an animated movie called ‘Mi sa singi a son opo kon’. The new project, which is still in its concept phase, has the temporary working title Tosari and friends. The original idea is to make an exhibition with several artists, in Suriname as well in the Netherlands. The crossover of ideas could become a point of departure. During her stay in Suriname Heike and René Tosari will continue working on the project plan.

During the TNF of May 3rd Heike will give some insight into the initial ideas for this project, and she will also introduce the visitors to her own work. She will talk about her soon to be published book ‘Alles lijkt wat het is’, a graphic novel that contains drawings, sketches and paintings with in the sidelines a story that consists of random thoughts, poetry and fragments from e-mails that she exchanged with friends over the past 3 years. In a digital presentation Heike will show images of her works and a short video. She will also read short fragments from her book.

On this TNF you can also, as always, enjoy the varied collection of artworks on display throughout the entire gallery. The doors of Readytex Art Gallery will be open for this TNF on May 3rd, from 7:00 – 9:00 pm and Heike Tjepkema’s presentation starts at 7:30 pm. We hope to welcome you for this special presentation!

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