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TNF of Sunil Puljhun: New work and the experiment
(1 Mar 2018 - 24 Mar 2018)

Sunil Puljhun: New work and the experiment

After the grand celebration of Readytex Art Gallery’s 25th anniversary in February, it is already time for the third Thursday-Night-Feature (TNF) of this year, on Thursday, March 1st. Taking his turn this time around, is visual artist Sunil Puljhun, an artist who is best known for his predominantly dark, black and white works. At his TNF of Thursday March the 1st, Puljhun shares several of his new works with the public, while also holding a presentation in which he elaborates upon his ideas regarding form and his 3D-concepts.

Sunil Puljhun experiments with new concepts and themes on a regular basis. He does however, revert back to the theme that speaks to him most, every time: children. Children and the future that we, in our present-day society, are or maybe rather are not, creating for them. The work is sometimes confrontational, sometimes touching, but it always puts us to thinking. And this is indeed his intention. With regards to technique, the artist combines his love for graphic design with his painting skills.

As he did in the past, Sunil also experiments with geometric forms and compositions. Important sources of inspiration are the style of Piet Mondriaan and architecture. He wants to take his use of these forms to another level, by transforming them into 3D creations. His ultimate goal is to beautify dull city landscapes with art in public spaces.

If this triggers your curiosity, come to the TNF on Thursday March 1st and allow yourself to be surprised by the mixed-media paintings, installations, sketches and studies of Sunil Puljhun. On this evening, Readytex Art Gallery is open from 7:00 – 9:00 pm, and the presentation starts at 7:30 pm. And as always, in addition to enjoying the feature presentation on this evening, visitors can also browse along all the other works of art exhibited throughout the rest of the gallery.

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Sunil Puljhun
Sunil Puljhun uses charcoal, pencils and acrylic paint in primarily black and grey hues. Sand and collage materials are occasionally used to add depth and structure to the surface of his work.
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