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Rene Tosari: "De nieuwe oogst"
(25 Mar 2006 - 8 Apr 2006)

"The New Harvest"

The seeds have been sown
Color and shape eagerly received by fertile canvas
Painstakingly applied with eager strokes of industrious brush
Provided for with passion, creativity and devotion
Affected by weather, mood and circumstance

The seedling grows… the fruit is formed
Fertilized with infinite skill under the critical eye of the artist
With great satisfaction the moment of ripeness arrives
Shape, color and texture tempt the senses

The effort is rewarded… the final task is at hand

“The New Harvest”

It is with great pleasure that the Readytex Art Gallery team welcomes you to this exclusive exhibition by René Tosari named “De Nieuwe Oogst” (The New Harvest).
A new harvest of approximately 30 works of art by an artist who is well known for his achievements in the art world locally, as well as in Holland and other countries internationally. With this new presentation the artist is guaranteed to once again earn the respect and admiration of art lovers worldwide.

René Tosari equally divides his time between the two countries of Suriname and Holland, in both of which he is very active in several areas regarding art.
Many who remember Tosari from the beginning of his art career remember him for his graphic work as well as his politically and socially motivated work of the seventies and eighties.
For over ten years now the art from this artist has taken a different course. The artist describes himself as an experimental artist, an artist who aims to achieve something unique in each new creation and who ultimately tries to achieve a higher level of skill in every work of art he creates.

The artwork in this collection challenges the viewer to closer inspection, deeper consideration and own interpretation. The technique of combining different paints namely oils and acrylics, give the paintings a unique texture and a mystical appearance. This technique, the vibrantly exotic colors and intriguing subject matter, have resulted in a fascinating collection which will not escape the attention of any onlooker.

The central theme of the exhibit namely the interplay between man and animal in nature clearly stands out in the artwork exhibited. With the work in this collection Tosari hopes to achieve an increased awareness with regards to the importance of our nature and especially of the essential role our Amazon habitat plays to the wellbeing of our planet.
In this collection the symbolism of the “maripaboto” (leaves of the maripa palm tree) and the African hummingbird clearly have great meaning to the artist.
The “maripaboto” stands as symbol for the protest of the inhabitants of the interior against the invasion of modern mining and forestry into their traditional homesteads and the destruction caused by these activities.
Because of her method of cross pollination from flower to flower the hummingbird is symbolically compared to the influence of man onto animal and the consequences of our actions upon nature.

The serious nature of the theme does not detract however from the esthetic value of the art in this collection. Quite to the contrary in fact, every painting in this collection is a true visual delight.
The New Harvest from René Tosari is highly recommended to everyone and the Team from Readytex Art Gallery invites all to visit this exhibition in order to enjoy a taste of the new fruit from this talented and experienced artist.

Tekst: cassandra gummels.

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Rene Tosari
Paintings by René Tosari are often recognized for their unique texture, achieved by his combined use of acrylic and oil paints on his canvases. He is also well-known for his socially engaged graphical prints and paintings.
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