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Kokolampu project
(18 Nov 2005 - 26 Nov 2005)

Marcel Pinas' Kokolampu Project

On the memorable occasion of Suriname’s 30 years of  political independence the artist Marcel Pinas will present a moving installation to the nation:  10 oversized oil lamps to be placed and lit on our Fort Zeelandia Complex from the 18th of November thru the 26 th of November.

The 10 lamps will be configured in the Afaka “Wi” sign meaning “Us”.  (Afaka is the written language of the Suriname maroons)
By means of this project Marcel Pinas will bring modern art closer to a larger part of our community.  By using the concept of traditional oil lamps he will also bring the message of cherishing and preserving our cultural heritage and by means of the flames symbolize the warmth we will need to think and work together as one nation to develop Suriname in all its diversity.

We recommend all Suriname and art enthousiasts to take some time to visit the installation.

Team Readytex Art Gallery



Steek mijn lont
aan als van vroeger

laat mijn licht
vrede brengen in de harten
van mijn Surinamers,
die mij bijna vergeten zijn.

Breng op deze dag mijn volk samen.
Verlicht het pad,
waarop wij samen verder moeten gaan…..

Kurt Nahar 2005


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