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Farewell Exhibition of Marcel Pinas
(16 Mar 2016 - 20 Mar 2016)

Readytex Art Gallery and Visual Artist Marcel Pinas will present a very special exhibition in De Hal from March 16-20. The solo exhibition 'Eside tide tamaa' is especially special that it is the last time that Marcel Pinas exhibits at Readytex Art Gallery. The art career of Marcel Pinas is "on a roll" and the ambitious artist has been experiencing a growing international breakthrough for several years. Pinas will pursue his career from now on in collaboration with a gallery in the Netherlands which will represent him internationally.
The Readytex Art Gallery team is particularly proud of the growth that Marcel Pinas has in the
Over the last few years, and of course also very proud of the important role she played in that growth process. And while the exhibition symbolically rounds down the working relationship between Marcel and the gallery, there will always be a warm and meaningful relationship between the two parties. 'Eside tide tamaa', the title of the exhibition, refers to the gallery not only to the artist's message regarding developments within the maroon culture, but also to the band she had from the beginning, even before its origin From the gallery, will always share with Marcel until now and in the future.
For the art lover, 'Eside tide tamaa', apart from a great moment to enjoy a different and special exhibition, is also a crucial investment moment. With the growing international growth of Marcel Pinas's career, the market value of its artworks grows. A good idea, therefore, to purchase a work from this striking new collection.
In 'Eside tide tamaa', Pinas, as he always does, uses aspects and elements of his marron culture to address wider, universal issues of culture and identity. With his art the artist wants to strengthen people's awareness of their self-esteem. Indeed, the work is influenced by cultural symbolism, and the artist's visual language looks very colorful and impulsive. New Pinas also plays an important role. He creates a "negative space" that defines the visual power of the
Composition, as well as the urgency of the message, strengthened. In addition to paintings, Pinas presents a number of surprising installations on the exhibition which will undoubtedly trigger many discussions on themes, both locally and internationally. 'Eside tide tamaa' is an exhibition that, despite the traditional principles, universally radiates a strong and very contemporary appeal.
The curatorhip of the exhibition is partly in the hands of a team of Surinamese colleagues who have been interested in the curator's field for some time. These are Rinaldo Class, Kurt Nahar, Sunil Puljhun and Ken Doorson.
'Eside tide tamaa' can be seen in De Hal aan de Grote Combéweg 45, from Wednesday 16 to Sunday 20 March, 19:00 - 21:00 hrs.

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