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José Kamps is a versatile artist whose work reflects her love and affinity for Suriname and its age old traditions. Life as it was in the years before, when charming colonial houses on quiet tree lined streets were the predominant feature of city life in Paramaribo.
Peace and quiet, being able to hear the subtle sounds of nature such as animals scurrying around, the rustling of the leaves in the wind, are aspects of life she greatly appreciates. Trees and nature mean a great deal to her, but so do people. The people in her life are important to her, and in her work she also portrays her appreciation and respect for the simple people who work hard to make a living for themselves.
These themes are all reflected in the products the artist designs and markets through the Readytex Craft department
The card game old maid (kwartet) is a great favorite and José Kamps has designed this game in several popular Surinamese themes such as:
Het Surinaamse Dierenkwartet – Old maid with Surinamese animals
Het Kotomisi Kwartet – Old maid with women in traditional Kotomisi attire
Skoinsi Kwartet– Old maid with the Surinamese currency
W’o Miti Kwartet – Old maid with sexual education for teens and adults

Besides the card games José Kamps has also created some wonderful craft projects, of which the building kits of traditional buildings are most popular. A collection of twenty Surinamese buildings have been produced by the artist, and are available in four different levels of difficulty so that children as well the more creative and capable adults, will be able to enjoy themselves with these projects.
Three of these craft kits, of wooden plank houses, were especially commissioned by Readytex in a more durable material and have become popular souvenirs for visiting tourists to take home.

On the outskirts of the city, surrounded by trees, stands José’s own home. She hopes to spend many more hours there creating new products and special projects with which to entertain the public. She is also grateful to everybody who has purchased and enjoyed her products, for without them her inspiration would have dried up. It is in making these products that she has come to know and love this country so well, and one of the reasons why she has made Suriname her home.

Working experience:
Art teacher at the AMS
Visual Artist

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José Kamps

Date of birth:
24 october 1952

Birth place:
The Netherlands, Eindhoven

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